Useful Web Links at this point in the course :

Python docs are available on line.

You can grab python from here Be sure to get version 3.5.x not legacy python 2

Get the pycharm editor/IDE from here You can either get the community edition, or join their academic program and get the professional edition.

Your Book's Website

From time to time I will put my lecture slides on the website here:

Second week's lecture on I/O and basic datatypes

More of Arithmetic

Objects and intro to Zelle graphics

Events and more on Zelle Graphics.

The bits and pieces from chapter 5 that give you more tools files, lists, string formatting and interpolation etc.
Moving things around on the screen
Social issues and ethics part I

Functions, Parameters, return values and digressions on images and keyboard input

Sound and collections


Simple Algorithms

The social context of computing