On October 17, 2000, the Boston Globe published the following letter on its editorial page. To voice your own opinion on this or other matters, contact the Globe.

Faculty slackers: Forget about them

The October 15 article about assessing the work of Boston University professors solidified many of my thoughts concerning higher education. All the energy of education boards, administrators, and politicians is being spent on the "up to 5 percent of faculty who do just enough to get by." I se business leaders spending their time praising and supporting their best employees. I think most business leaders would be ecstatic with 95 percent of their employees performing above the minimum requirement. Let us stop spending all our time on the 5 percent and spend the time and money on the 95 percent.

And what about the consumer -- students who suffer from a poor teacher? What a great free market is in place for them. They are free to attend any college, choose any major, and select from several faculty for the same course credit.

Posted here with Dr. Williams' permission.

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