On November 10, 2004, I sent the following letter to Governor Mitt Romney:

  <>For over seven years, I have worked very hard educating the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, my new home state.I have earned degrees from three top universities, including a Ph.D. from one of the top programs in my field, and I have several years of private-sector experience, in addition to teaching experience at several major universities. <>

<>I teach very well, guide my students, serve my community, publish regularly, and give presentations locally and internationally. When I attend statewide conferences, I see former students in positions of service and leadership.My salary is below $50,000 per year. In South Texas (my previous home), this would have been fair. In Southeastern Massachusetts, it is a daily insult, especially since my own hard work contributes to a great quality of life and, by extension, a high cost of living. The insult is compounded by the knowledge that I will only be eligible for one more raise in my entire career, and that will not be more than three or four thousand dollars.

The Board of Higher Education is led by people who say they are guided by private-sector models, but no private operation would pay its talented workers this way.
I invite you to really engage state-college faculty, staff, students, and administrators in conversation. Please find out what we are doing, how well we are doing it, and why we deserve to be treated fairly.

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