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Environmental Geography

Revised November 20, 2007
I started college as a linguistics major, but changed to geography in my third year, after taking two courses about the environment. I was initially attracted to geography because I saw it as a good way to solve environmental problems. I have since grown interested in many other facets of the discipline (see the menu of choices to the right), but my environmental concerns are still at the heart of my identity as a geographer.
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I have created this page to bring my students and web-site visitors some of the best information about climate change and its possible remedies.
Global Climate Change
We are very proud to have launched an interdisciplinary center at Bridgewater State College, in which professors, librarians, students, support staff, and administrators can work together to promote social and environmental sustainability in research, college operations, and the surrounding region.
Geography of Food Local is the new organic, they say. This page brings together a lot of ideas and resources about food, from the field to the family table.
I created this page when I served on a committee that was exploring ways to reduce energy consumption at BSC. Building on this work, I worked with colleagues on Green Campus initiatives, and the international Talloires movement, eventually leading to the establishment of our Sustainability Center.
The Natural Resources Trust of Bridgewater is the leading local environmental group in Bridgewater. Although land trusts are set up primarily to manage land that they hold in the public interest, the NRTB does a lot of good work for the protection and use of open space, without actually owning land. I set up the first web site for the group when I was a director, but it has since been greatly improved by another volunteer who is a web-development professional.
Sprawl Pink CadillacNorth Americans have had a love affair with the automobile ever since the end of World War II. Government policies -- from local zoning to military spending -- have contributed to car culture. We now have land use patterns that are so car-oriented that it is actually easier to be homeless than to be carless in the USA.

Sprawl is an environmental problem because it increases both flooding and drought while eliminating biodiversity and increasing air pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases.

Sprawl is a bad habit, but it is catching on globally. The time to stop it is now!
 I created the instructor and student companion web sites for the textbook I use in my introductory environmental geography class. It includes environmental links, web-based activities, and news, all organized by topic.

I highly recommend the book, though I must say that the latest version of the web site is not as useful as earlier versions, because of competitive trends in the textbook business.
Rivernet Watershed Access Lab The WAL Project prepares educators to assist their local community in developing watershed studies and projects. I helped to set up the site in 1999. Kim McCoy now updates it with new projects a couple of times each year.
Eagles of Assawompsett Take a virtual field trip to visit Bald Eagles in Lakeville, Massachusetts.

Revised December 26th, 2006
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