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Summer 2009: Near Side of Globalization
Summer 2010: Mexico
Summer 2011: Outlook On Latin America

General Resources Latin America Network Information System, UT-Austin

The librarians at UT-Austin have created a valuable index of resources on Latin America, which can be sorted by topic or by country. This is the easiest way to find online newspapers, for example, which are an excellent teaching resource. Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection 

The librarians at UT-Austin have also created the definitive collection of online maps, mainly from copyright-free U.S. government sources. It is organized by region and country. About a dozen maps of current news interest are usually included on the main page, so check it first when addressing current events in class. Latin American Geography MaxGuide

BSU Librarian and Latin Americanist Pamela Hayes-Bohanan has created this guide to resources available through the Maxwell Library. Some online resources require a BSU username. She has created a separate guide to coffee! Council on Hemispheric Affairs

This is one of two sites I consult regularly for independent research on political and economic developments in Latin America. Resource Center of the Americas

This is the other one! Organization of American States

This is the diplomatic umbrella organization for the hemisphere. Among other functions, it serves to bring governments together to address political crises. It functions in some ways like the United Nations for Latin America. National Public Radio

I highly recommend using NPR frequently in classes. Stories and reviews of a few minutes duration can often be found. Many students are not familiar with NPR, but after a few times hearing it in class, they may seek it out as a way to become better informed. To take advantage of the craving many students have for visual stimulation, I usually put a relevant map on the screen when playing NRP audio in class. Although most shows are produced primarily for adults, many of the stories are suitable for younger children, and certainly for the enrichment of teachers. The NPR web site includes a searchable archive that can yield a lot of pleasant surprises. About Geography

Geographer Matt Rosenberg and his interns have developed this engaging site over the past decade, with thousands of short stories and links about all things geographic. Use this site for games, base maps, and newsy articles. University of the West Indies

Formerly a branch of the University of London, this independent university serves 15 English-speaking islands throughout the Caribbean. Several campuses offer programs in geography. Row for Water

Raising funds and awareness for fresh water

Caribbean Tectonics Dr. George PC's page on tectonics, volcanism, and tsunami risk in the Lesser Antilles

"Prehistoric Cultures" by Pamela Hayes-Bohanan is not limited to Latin America, but it is a good overview of the current state of scholarship on prehistoric cultures world-wide. It appears in a general-reference encyclopedia at the high-school level [Birx, H. James, ed. 21st Century Anthropology : A Reference Handbook. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage, 2010] available in many public libraries.

My Web Sites Gateway to many of my international pages. Geography of Coffee, with specific pages about coffee travels in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Brazil. The Cultural Geography of Music in Latin America.An in-school program that I developed as a MaCIE Lecturer
A variety of web resources related to Latin America. Links to map and trivia game sites. I especially recommend the world and regional quizzes on JetPunk. Environmental Geography blog, with geographic perspectives on many news items and web sites. EarthView blog, with many articles suitable for middle-school geography students. Articles related to all of Wiley's introductory college-level geography texts. I am a regular contributor. From Prentice Hall, visual models of the general circulation of the atmosphere.

Rondonia Web My observations in Rondonia, western Amazon of Brazil Haiti relief and information from BSU faculty and students


The following are links to specific items about Mexico that were part of the May 2010 program. Many of these links are also in the PowerPoint above, but are provided here for simplicity.

Recommended reading about violence in Ciudad Juarez is "The Sicaro: A Juárez hit man speaks" by Charles Bowden. It appeared in Harper's magazine in May 2009. Bowden provides important insights about the political economy of the rapidly increasing violence along the US-Mexico border. The same author has recently written Murder City, which explores the subject in more detail. That book, in turn, was the subject of a recent story on NPR, archived at

1000 mujeres x Ciudad Juárez -- (in Spanish) report and commentary on protests against ongoing violence against women on the border, which predates the current drug war

Drug War reporting -- maps, photos, and reports on the border drug violoence from the Los Angeles Times

La Villa Bonita -- culinary school/spa in Tepoztlan, Morelos.

Gadsden Purchase -- maps and details of how the U.S. acquired this strip of land

Mayan History Timeline -- beautiful chronology of Aztec, Mayan, and other Mesoamerican civilizations

Ancient Maya Calendar -- a blog posting that describes pre-Columbian calendars in detail

Cholula --  Pam Hayes-Bohanan's web page about our 1990 summer in central Mexico

Modern Geotechology Maps Ancient Civilization -- the use of mid-scale image processing in the investigation of a Mayan urban area in Belize

Border Fence a Great Divide -- NPR report on the last hand-drawn ferry on the U.S.-Mexico border


Most of these are unsuitable for most classes, but will provide a richer understanding of the cultural landscape and certain aspects of social geography. I do not necessarily agree with the point of view of some of these films, but they all enrich learning in some way. See for more of my thoughts on films.

Al Otro Lado (I have seen two movies about migration with this title, and both were very good. I think there is even a third.)
Brazil Revealed (Discovery Atlas documentary)
Bus 174
Casa de los Espiritus (House of the Spirits)
Cidade de Deus / City of God
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
El Norte
End of the Spear
Kiss of the Spiderwoman
Maria Full of Grace
Men with Guns
Milagro Beanfield War
Mojados: Through the Night
Motorcycle Diaries
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
Yo Soy Boricua, Pa'Que Tu Lo Sepas!