On November 17, 2000, I sent another letter to Gov. Cellucci, this time addressing it to his office staff, since I had received an amicable telephone call from one of his aides in response to my earlier letter. I also sent a copy of this note to Sen. Marc Pacheco.

UPDATE: On November 27, I learned that the governor had filed the bill that I requested in this note. I do not yet know whether my contact had any influence on him. The advantage of pay increases taking so long to implement is that when they arrive, the back pay is at least big enough to notice!

Further UPDATE: On February 2, 2001, we finally received the pay increase. Because it was so delayed, we got 54 weeks of the raise retroactively, in addition to a one percent bonus. The result: A paycheck almost big enough to be mistaken for that of a college administrator.

The governor's e-mail address is goffice@state.ma.us .

Governor's Office:

A few months ago, I received a telephone call from a very pleasant staff person, in response to a letter I had written the governor. I have been searching my office in vain for that person's name and phone number, because I found her at least willing to listen and she promised to bring my concern to the governor's attention.

Since I could not find the number, I am trying e-mail again. I would like to ask how the governor sleeps at night, knowing the anguish his administration is causing in the state colleges. I know that it prevents me from sleeping some times. The latest punishment for those of us foolish enough to tie our futures to higher education in Massachusetts has been a refusal to file legislation for the latest one-year, interim contract offered by BHE and agreed to by MSCA. No reason has been given for refusing to authorize this raise, paltry though it be.

I would like for the governor to be aware that faculty at all ranks and with various political persuasions are equally anguished about the ongoing obstacles that the administration has placed in the way of the good work we do here at the state colleges.

If someone from the office would be willing to call again, I would appreciate the chance to have a conversation about these concerns.

Thank you for your time and attention.

James Hayes-Bohanan, Ph.D.
Bridgewater, MA

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