Recursos-Teaching about Mexico and Canada
Udated on November 1,2006

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Smithsonian Folkways Borderlands: From Conjunto to Chicken Scratch . This CD includes detailed liner notes -- see about 100 more titles in the Folkways Latin section, or visit my Musica page.

Poor Mexico! So far from God, so close to the United States

Activities and Resources for the Geography of the World ( ARG World ) is a set of resources that illustrate geographic concepts with rich examples suitable for a broad range of ages.

Useful Books:

Resourses on Canada:

Find the Tropic of Cancer on a map of Mexico, then consider where Mexico is situated with respect to global wind and pressure patterns. (See more animations.) The influence of these patterns on local climate is strongly modified by local topography, as illustrated below.

Instituto Nacional de Estadística Geografía e Informática
(National Institute of Geographic Statistics and Information)
INEGI is the Mexican equivalent of a combined US Geological Survey and Bureau of the Census
First, examine the municipio names in Puebla. This is an example of important toponyms.

The INEGI site is divided into two main parts:
Within both parts, state-level information can found in a menu at the top-left entitled "información por entidad federativa."

On the geographic page, use this to learn about Chiapas (which comes after Colima, because "ch" is a separate letter in the Spanish alphabet). Choose "climas" and then "ver mapa de climas," and then compare it to the elevation and physiographic maps. We can also look at the distribution of rainfall through the year.

Within the statistical section, we will do some comparisons of  growth rates, density, and prevalence of Catholicism.

 Many other kinds of connections could be considered, as in:

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