County Map Project

NM - New Mexico

Learn more about New Mexico and see the county names at Yahoo's  New Mexico page.

No, it is not a separate country, although many people think it is. Sometimes the U.S. Postal Service returns letters to this state, indicating that extra postage should be attached for international letters!

I have had the pleasure of many visits to this beautiful state, mostly while I was living in neighboring Tucson, Arizona. Several of these visits included lovely Las Cruces, with the distinctive Organ Mountains to the east. A local high school has prepared a virtual tour of historic Old Mesilla. If you are ever in Las Cruces, be sure to spend some time in the old town.

So far, I have visited the counties shown in yellow.

I have been to 26 out of 33 counties in New Mexico. 

For a very clear map with the county names, visit Delorme's New Mexico Counties page.

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