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CA - California

Learn more about California and see the county names at Yahoo's  California page.
Photo by Jeff StantonI have visited California several times, each in a different part. I still think I have only scratched the surface.

My first visit was to Glendale, in greater Los Angeles, where the sister of my traveling buddy Mike lived. We spent most of our time at beaches, including the famous and funky Venice Beach. To learn more, visit Jeff Stanton's Visit Venice site, which includes more photos, a web cam, and a history of this legendary beach community. You can also visit the Venice web portal Venice
So far, I have visited the counties shown in yellow.

On a later visit, I had the privilege of seeing many of the coastal redwoods of the northern California. Only four percent of these trees remain, and cutting continues. I was impressed by the beauty of the trees, the abundant wildlife, and also by the destruction that is under way just off the main roads. Russell Hoffman's Why No Cut? article describes the problem fully, and offers suggestions for helping to protect these majestic trees and the wildlife and watersheds that depend upon them.

It is often said that international borders are not visible from space. This is not always true; the boundary between California and Baja California is clearly visible in a satellite image that illustrates the impact of U.S. and Mexican water usage on the landscape. The image is part of the USGS Earthshots series, which uses satellite imagery to illustrate global environmental changes. The Salton Sea, shown in the image, is among the most desolate places I have ever visited!

I have been to 34 out of 58 counties in California. 

For a very clear map with the county names, visit Delorme's California Counties page.
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