Hannah Höch

A. Picasso, 1912 B. Cut with the Kitchen Kn C. Military memento, 1907 D. Dada Panorama E. Sources for Dada Pan
A. Picasso, 1912... B. Cut with the ... C. Military meme... D. Dada Panorama... E. Sources for D...
F. Heads of State G. High Finance H. And when you think I. Love in the Bush J. Half Caste
F. Heads of Stat... G. High Finance.jpg H. And when you ... I. Love in the B... J. Half Caste.jpg
K. Sadness L. Aduction M. resources N. The Sweet One, 1926 O. Sea Serpent, 1937
K. Sadness.jpg L. Aduction.jpg M. resources.jpg N. The Sweet One... O. Sea Serpent, ...
P. Dedicated to the Men, 19 Q. The Tree Girdler R. resources S. Little Sun, 1969
P. Dedicated to ... Q. The Tree Gird... R. resources .jpg S. Little Sun, 1...

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