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CHEM 243 Organic Chemistry I
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General Information

CHEM 243 Fall 2021 Lecture Syllabus (PDF)

Instructor: Dr. Ed Brush, DMF 407

“Ask me Anything!” Feel free to stop in and chat about class, careers, research, etc. This is an informal time to tell me about good news, or a challenge you need help with

·       Wednesday & Thursday, 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM or by appointment. You can stop in to chat either in-person or by Zoom:

Ø  In-person meetings will be held in DMF 477 (where we have class)

Ø  The Zoom meeting link can be found in Blackboard. You will initially be placed in a “Waiting Room”. I will invite you into my virtual office when its your turn.

See Peer Leader Office Hours below

Contact info:; 508-531-2116

Black Board: On the course Black Board site you will find the URL links to our syllabus, web page, class meetings, office hours.


Peer Leader Zoom Office Hours

Logan Heath

Monday, 1-3 PM (DMF 4th floor lounge)

Elise Eng

Tuesday, 1-2 PM (DMF 477)

Elise Eng

By appointment (

Claurry-Anne Assad

Tuesday, 1-2 PM (DMF 477)

Sundus Alchaar

Thursday, 1-2 PM (DMF 477)

Josh Watts

By appointment (



No Textbook Requirement

There are numerous on-line resources for learning organic chemistry. For this reason, I do not have specific textbook requirement. However all students are required to identify an organic chemistry resource to help you succeed in this course:

  • CHEM 243-244 Organic Chemistry Web Page ( Lecture and lab syllabi, lab handouts, worksheets, quizzes and answer keys.
  • Buy a used organic chemistry text on-line (check with me before buying).
  • Find your own on-line resource (NOT Wikipedia!).  Here are a few free organic chemistry resources:

Khan Academy Organic Chemistry videos

Virtual Organic Chemistry Textbook

Organic Chemistry Practice Problems

LibreTexts Organic Chemistry Textbook