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Here are the philosophy resource links, on a separate page.

The New York Times
is still worthwhile.
Arts and Letters Daily
is a good portal to many magazines, newspapers, and journals of varying content and persuasion.
Want to know EXACTLY what time it is? Consult the atomic clock at the US Naval Observatory.

Political (magazines, think-tanks, organizations):

Reason Magazine

Reason Papers

The New Republic

The Economist

The CATO Institute

The Foundation for Economic Education – publishers of The Freeman/Ideas on Liberty magazine

The Institute for Humane Studiesstudents check here for scholarships and internships (or see me)

Liberty Fund

Social Philosophy and Policy Center

Hayek Center

Journal of Libertarian Studies

Reason Papers

The Hoover Institution

Atlas Economic Research Foundation

The Institute for Justice

The Independence Institute

The Independent Institute

The Future of Freedom Foundation

The Libertarian Enterprise
Liberty Magazine

What's the deal with Guy Fawkes Day?


People (web pages and blogs):

James Otteson’s site

William Irwin’s site

Mark T. Conard's site

Bryan Caplan’s site

Tibor Machan’s site and his blog

Steven Horwitz’s site

Lester Hunt’s site

Wendy McElroy’s site

Chris Sciabarra’s site and his blog

Randy Barnett's site

Roderick Long’s site and his blog

Diana Hsieh's blog

Stephan Kinsella’s blog

Lynne Kiesling's blog

Eugene Volokh (Volokh Conspiracy) blog

Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit)

Liberty and Power group blog


Aristos, an on-line journal of the arts and the philosophy of art.



Very "useful" and entertaining Internet Movie Database.

Comprehensive Simpsons archive. Also, The Simpsons and Philosophy!


Thousands of .wav files are available for download at this great site: The Daily Wave

All of Shakespeare's plays on line, with hypertext links to things of scholarly interest.

Cool NASA pix

History of Mathematics

The Onion, “America’s Finest News Source.”

Custom-built solid-body guitars and basses from Ron Blake Guitars - highly recommended.

Greek food

Steely Dan

Frank Sinatra

Lord of the Rings

Anagram generator! 

Complete Sherlock Holmes resource

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This "Skoble news area"  is not me, nor, as far as I know, anyone related to me, but I got a kick out of seeing it.


States I have lived in:




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Lydia Rose  

Lydia in the kitchen  

Lydia getting a head start

Lydia thinks this is a good anthology!

Madeleine Elizabeth

Big sister holding little sister

Madeleine a few weeks later 

Lydia reads to Madeleine

NEW: 2/04 -- The two of them playing; Big sister feeding little sister 

 (Ok, I guess I should remove the "new" tag, seeing as how those pix are six years old.  The girls are 13 and 10 now, and I realize I need to upload some newer pix.  Bear with me!)