The best resource is the library.  Books and journals still have a degree of quality control that is often lacking on the internet (anyone can put up a web page).  With that caveat in mind, there are of course some valuable resources at your disposal.

Useful Philosophy Links:

Begin with the Philosophy Pages Dictionary of philosophical terms.  The Philosophy Pages main page is also a great reference tool.
Episteme Links is a very useful resource.
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is useful.
The American Philosophical Association is a good place to know about.

General searching: use the Wikipedia Philosophy portal
Many classics of philosophy are in the Online Library of Liberty.

Philosophy Now.
Open Court's Philosophy and Popular Culture series
Univ. Press of Kentucky's Philosophy of Popular Culture series
Blackwell's Philosophy and Popular Culture series

Watch for future updates as I learn of more useful links! Also, check other faculty members’ pages!

Related academic resources:
Perseus Project
is an online classics resource.
Yale’s Avalon Law Project has documents on Law and Diplomacy.

Philosophical fun:
Woody Allen on Nietzsche's Diet Book
Monty Python's Argument Clinic sketch.
Monty Python's "Bruces" sketch, aka Australian Philosophy Dept sketch.  That's supposed to end with the Philosophers' Drinking Song, but that's now a different clip.
International Philosophers' Soccer match, Germany vs Greece
Using Logic to determine whether someone is a witch.
Medieval political philosophy via Monty Python
David Chalmers Philosophical Humor page