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Washington, D.C. – The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) announced that the organization has awarded a Special Projects Grant to Dr. Victoria Bacon of Norton, MA, professor of counselor education at Bridgewater State University.

Dr. Bacon’s project, “The Legacy Exploration and Preservation Group Project,” is designed to promote psychological health for women veterans in Southeastern Massachusetts by “engaging in self-reflection, exploring family history and traditions, rediscovering one’s roots, deepening one’s life purpose, and by expanding their capacity for caring.”

“Specifically, the project will guide 24 veterans toward becoming the ‘keeper of meaning’ by preserving and sharing their family legacy with future generations,” Dr. Bacon said. “The primary benefits and significance of this project are for group members to enhance their sense of psychological well-being by experiencing an increased connection to one’s family, heritage, and to the global community; and to promote positive development with the beneficiaries of their legacy – future generations.” Project participants will consist of three groups of eight women veterans.




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