P. Kling

Professor of Physics
Bridgewater State University





Mail to:                      Physics Department
                                    Bridgewater State University
                                    Bridgewater, MA 20325

Office:                       Dana Mohler Faria Science Center 218
                                   508 531 2895 (office)
                                   508 531 1785 (fax)


I teach a variety of courses from a writing intensive First Year Seminar on science fiction to introductory physics to upper level physics courses. Following this link will lead you to course websites, office hours, and some explanations about my teaching strategies.


My research is in the application of general relativity to light rays through gravitational lensing. When a massive object lies between the observer and a more distant light source, the image of that source is distorted and can appear multiple times. Following this link will lead you to more information about my research and opportunities for student collaboration. This research was recently highlighted by the Journal General Relativity and Gravitation as an Editor's Choice at the Twitter link below.

TP Kling, E Grotzke, K Roebuck, H Waite, Examining the Kerr Metric through wave fronts of null geodesics, #GenRelativGravit (2019)51:32 #EditorsChoice Living Reviews & GRG (@livrev_lrr) February 21, 2019