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Everyone has heard of the Devil's Advocate.
How about a more positive approach?

Read how to be an  Angel's Advocate

Mending the Cracks in the Ivory Tower
is a "how-to" volume written to assist people in
higher education with internal conflict. Learn more about this book at

or order it from Anker Publications at

A Guide to Faculty Development

This publication by the Professional and Organizational Development Network in

Higher Education features a chapter by Dr. Susan A Holton on "Promoting Your Professional Development Program."

University Business published an article entitled "Manage that Conflict!".  

"Now you can manage a problem, its solutions, and their implementation

with the Holton Model for Conflict Management.

What happens when change is ignored?

"A Tree Grows Through the Floor."

How do you handle conflict in the classroom?
"Conflict Management in the Classroom - and Beyond" will help.
Essays on Teaching Excellence Toward the Best in the Academy
"Cracks in the Ivory Tower:
Conflict Management in the Classroom -- and Beyond"

After the Eruption: Managing Conflict in the Classroom

is a chapter in Jossey Bass's publication

Promoting Civility: A Teaching Challenge: New Directions for Teaching and Learning, No. 77
Steven M. Richardson (Editor)

Conflict Management Programs in Institutions of Higher Education
includes information about programs in institutions throughout North America.
In the book you will find the person in charge of the program, the history of the
program, the institution affiliation and more.

Family Circle published a poem about my very best work

                                                 “And I Prefer Today”.                                                                                         

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