11/4 Thurday               7:45am-8:00am(by appointment) 


11/9 Tuesday               12:05-2:15pm

11/10 Wednesday       12:00pm-3:00pm


11/15 Monday             8:30-10:30am, (by Appointment)

11/16 Tuesday             12:05-2:15pm

11/17 Wednesday       12:00pm-3:00pm, 8:40pm-9:10pm(by appointment) 

11/18 Thursday           7:45am-8:00am(by appointment) 




Certain times indicated above require an appointment.  To sign up for an appointment: Sign up on my door, or mail or call me with your requested time and I will e-mail you back or call you back (if you leave a return number) to tell you if that time is available.


If these times are not possible for you to make, PLEASE CALL or E_MAIL me and we can work something out.


Shannon Donovan