Why you - you are smart and ambitious...

Why here - BSU is a top undergraduate teaching university.

What now - take advantage of ALL the services available!

Step 1 in How to Succeed...


as a major

The 5 Themes of Geography cover Location, Place, Region, Movement and Human-Environmental Interaction. In today's connected world, knowing "who, where and why there" is essential. Get in touch with Dr. Darcy Boellstorf, department chair, to ask about advising and careers... dboellstorff_at_bridgew.edu


Don't struggle

Early Academic Advising/Peer Advising, DegreeWorks assistance, Learning Assistance, Tutoring Central (generally available for any course on request), Academic Coaching & Research Services, Accounting & Finance Lab, Math Services, Second Language Services, Writing Studio, Disability Resources Office/Student Accessibility Services and Testing Services.

   > Academic Coaching Help (pdf file)


Be in the know

Access all library services from both on- and off-campus (24/7 online). The Library also offers reference and research assistance, streaming video service, library instruction sessions, interlibrary loan services, study paces, and other education resources.

   > Finding Reference Material (pdf file)

   > Resources for Distance Learning (link)


Get a headstart

Internships and Undergraduate Research are good for your resume, a great way to make connections, a way to apply the classroom to the real world, and lets you get in-depth with what you love.



We are committed to providing engagement opportunities, events, and services for our commuter population - more than half of the BSU student body lives off-campus.

Services for those who serve

A comprehensive "one-stop" service to facilitate achieving your  personal goals, and ensure that your BSU experience is a successful social and academic experience.

Stay well

BSU Health Services provides acute and primary care services to all currently registered students, and is committed to working with students to assist them in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and enhance healthy attitudes and behaviors that will promote high-level wellness. (You do not have to enroll in the university-sponsored insurance plan to use Health Services.)

Taking care of yourself

Health and wellness services for mental health, grief, trauma and more, and referrals for off-campus services for a wide variety of needs. Never hesitate to reach out for yourself or your friends and classmates. We are a community, we should always look out for each other!

Get involved

Study, play, and be involved... there are (at least) 189 different organizations and clubs, leadership positions, student-run media, community service opportunities, and possibilities for commuter students - nearly half our student population... and more.

Widen your world 

Give it a try - painting, sculpture, dancing, singing, photography - and/or enjoy the events and exhibits on campus throughout the year.

Healthy and fun.. 

You should study hard, and a lot... but there's always time for fun and relaxation too. BSU offers Intramural Sports, Club Sports, Fitness, Group Exercise, Outdoor Adventures, and Aquatics.