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New Science & Math Building Photos

Adrian Tinsley Symposium

Geological Society of America-Las Vegas

Bridgewater State University Newslog, Sping 2008

Bridgewater State University Office of Undergraduate Research Stories (page8)

Beacon Article-Acton, Summer 2007

Enterprise Article-Brockton, Spring 2008

Interesting Events in Massachusetts History

Largest Earthquake in Massachusetts

Great Molasse Flood of 1919



Research Projects & Student Opportunites

Teaching my former advisor how to measure strike & dip (Click for larger image)


Research Facilities

The department houses several research grade Olympus BLX polarizing petrographic microscopes with digital imaging capabilities, XRD, XRF, and a gas chromatograph


Undergraduate Research

Student Research Projects

Student Photos


Geological Society of America

Student Membership

I am the BSU campus representative, so if you would like to join as a student member please stop by and see me.



Field Trip Photos

Beavertail State Park, RI

Black Rock Beach, MA

Blue Hills, MA

Fort Phoenix, MA

Purgatory Chasm, RI


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