PHED 451 Prosthetics and Orthotics

1. Accessibility vs. Wilderness Preservation-- Maine's Allagash Wilderness Waterway

2. All-terrain Vehicles-- Friends or Foe

3. Americans with Disability Act of 1989: Is Emancipation at Hand?

4. Boston: The 100th Marathon and Wheelchair Athlete

5. Casey Martin "Just Does It" with a Golf Cart!

6. Current Status of Air Travel for Those With Disabilities-- Achievements and Remaining Issues.

7. Golf Cart Use and Individuals with Disabilities-- Will the PGA Tour Ask the Supreme Court?

8. Hawaii's Helicopter Tour Industry: An Endangered Species?

9. An Historic Accomplisment-- The First Blind Person to Hike the Appalachian Trail.

10. Is it Tee Time Yet for Golfers with Disabilities?

11. Latest Developments and Practices in the Treatment of Pressur Ulcers.

12. The National Park System: Disability Access Versus Wilderness Preservation.

13. Nondiscrimination in Air Travel: The New Rules.

14. Trailblazing in a Wheelchair-- An Oxymoron?

15. Travelers with Disabilities: Are They Having Fun Yet?

16. Turbulence in the Airline Industry Remains for Travelers with Disabilities.

17. USTA's Wheelchair Tennis Committee-- A Model for Integration?

18. Van Parking Accessibility: Old Dilemma-- New Strategies.

19. Will Theaters Receive Two Thumbs Up from Individuals with Disabilities.

20. The X Paralympic Games: Will Atlanta Equal the Success of Seoul and Barcelona?