0. An Historic Accomplishment- The First Blind Person to Hike the Appalachian Trail.

PHED 324 Physical and Motor Development of Individuals with Disabilities

1. Accessible Electronic and Information Technology- A New Era for People with Disabilities.

2. Accused of Sexual Misconduct: How Do Teachers Prevent False Accusations?

3. Age Eleigibility in High School Athletics: When State Laws and Federal Regulations Clash.

4. American Sign Language: The Ultimate Solution to Deaf Education?

5. Are We Prepared for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool Children?

6. Braille Illiteracy: Emerging Concern- New Challenge

7. Equity and Safety in Sport: A Case Study

8. First in the Nation: Minnesota's Athletic Conference for Those with Disabilities.

9. The Full Inclusion Initiative: Where Does Physical Education Stand?

10. How Has the Supreme Court Affected the Americans with Disabilities Act? You be the Judge.

11. Human Rights Act Heightens Expectations in the Workplace.

12. Is there Justification for Continued Federal Support to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting?

13. Little League Baseball: A New Player in First.

14. The New Political Agenda and Reauthorization of IDEA: Implications and Strategies for Action.

15. No Child Behind Act- A Work in Progress

16. The Role of Education for Meeting Volunteerism: An Alternative to Life-Long Community Service.

17. School Breakfast Programs: A Way to Reduce Special Education Costs?

18. Sensitizing Children to the Needs of the Handicapped.

19. Standards = Certification = Recognition and Parity.

20. Strategies to Combat Age Discrimination in Interscholastic Sports.

21. Tenth Anniversary of the ADA- Merely an Accommodation or an Inalienable Right?

22. Trampoline Use Could Bounce Back: A Decade Later.

23. The U.S. Supreme Court and the Cost of Special Education.

24. Warning: An Unsuspected Cause of Infant and Toddler Drownings.