What's His Stand on Trucking?
... or Truckin'?
Shamelessly ripped off from Time magazine, circa 1993.

"When Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy invited members of the Grateful Dead for lunch in the Senate dining room ..., 91-year-old (at the time) conservative Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Caroline strode over to greet trippy guitar great Jerry Garcia. What could these two American institutions have to discuss? Well, there are a few similiarities."

Read more about the meeting in this Jerry obituary.

  • Oldest member of Congress
  • Oldest member of Dead
  • Elder statesman of Grand Old Party
  • Aging hippie, knows how to party
  • Questioned woman named Anita Hill
  • Constituents grow 'killer green bud'
  • Constituents grow deadly tobacco
  • Married woman named Mountain Girl
  • Holds record for longest filibuster
  • Holds record for longest guitar solo
  • Dishes out pork barrel
  • Porky, resembles barrel

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