Musica: Eclectica
James Hayes-Bohanan, Geographer
Updated January 30, 2008

My MUSICA site has separate pages for Brazil, Cuba, and Texas/Mexico. This is the page for great music from other parts of Latin America, from no single part, or from other places (Europe or Africa) with a Latin connection.

Manu Chao

Manu Chao is an ecclectic artist from Paris who was originally with a group called Manu Negro (Black Hand). On this CD, he employs at least four languages to paint a variety of pictures in the mind of the listener. The song "Welcome to Tijuana" plays on the stereotypes of that border city in quite interesting ways. The song "Mentira" appears to be about unrequited love, but it is also a screed against global warming do-nothings. This is by far my favorite CD -- I hear something new every time I listen.

Amor pa ti
Sergento Sergento Garcia

Un poquito quema'o

Some call this album from Paris the ultimate world music CD -- incredible fusion of many of the other styles mentioned on these pages. The final track, "Jumpi" (read lyrics) makes explicit reference to many of the influences of this Spanish/French group. The video includes some great rumba at the end!
Read Matt Cibula's review of the CD.

Cesaria Evora

Beijo Roubado

I define Latin America very  broadly, and like some other scholars, I now consider Cape Verde to be the easternmost part of it. Musically, the connections between Africa and Brazil pass right through this island nation. My Cape Verdean friends and students tend to agree that Cesaria -- who freqents both Brazil and Boston -- is the top artist. Listen to "Beijo Roubado" (Stolen Kiss); it is like velvet.

Petit Pays

I have some experience in Eastern Europe that makes me quite interested in the gypsy punk of Gogol Bordello. News flash: My latest Gogol Bordello purchase, the EP entitled East Infection, actually includes a cover -- in Spanish -- of Mala Vida, and old Manu Chao song. The world just keeps shrinking! Gogol Bordello


Afro-Peruvian Classics
The Soul of BlackPeru

Azuca de Cana

Music of the Andes

The EMI Hemisphere label is one of the first corprate world music labels, and it is a good place to find standards, such as "El Condor Pasa," pan-pipe music made famous by Simon and Garfunkel.

Roberto Perera

My Paraguayan Song


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