John Pike

Office: DMF 435
Email: john DOT pike AT bridgew DOT edu
Mailing Address:
Mathematics Department
Dana Mohler-Faria Science & Mathematics Center, Room 431
24 Park Avenue
Bridgewater, MA 02325


I am currently an associate professor at Bridgewater State University. Before coming to BSU, I was a postdoc at Cornell University, and before that I was at the University of Southern California where I received my PhD under the direction of Jason Fulman.

Additional information can be found in my C.V.


I am on sabbatical for the Spring 2023 semester.


My research is primarily concerned with probability theory and its applications. I am particularly interested in Markov chains defined on algebraic and combinatorial structures and in distributional approximation using Stein's method techniques.

Feel free to check out these papers for further details:

Probability Notes

You are also welcome to look at my old notes for Basic Probability, Probability Theory I, Probability Theory II, and Random Walks & Representations.