Undergraduate Research


Through undergraduate research, students can get involved in the research program of a faculty member and gain experience conducting real scientific studies. 


Bridgewater State University and the Department of Biological Sciences support undergraduate research in multiple ways:


         Students can receive course credit for undergraduate research by taking BIOL396 or BIOL497.


         Funding for undergraduate research is available through the Adrian Tinsley Program and the Shea Scholarship Program, both administered through the Office of Undergraduate Research.



Interested in undergraduate research?  Interested in the kind of research I do?  If so, Iíll be happy to discuss your research interests with you.  All you need to do is send an e-mail to cbloch@bridgew.edu to arrange an appointment.  It will be helpful to me if, in your e-mail, you include:


         a list of biology courses youíve taken or are taking,


         a brief description of your interests and goals.


The reason Iím asking for these documents is so I can understand your background and make our meeting as productive as possible.  So donít worry if you donít have a lot of experience yet!  After all, thatís what undergraduate research is for:  learning and gaining experience.  Similarly, donít be discouraged if you donít yet have clear and specific research ideas.  Itís a mentorís job to help you take your general interests and focus them into more specific questions.


Many students donít try to get involved in undergraduate research because they feel like they donít have a strong enough science background or because they think for some reason they arenít ďgood enough.Ē  Remember that every researcher had to start somewhere!  If you are enthusiastic and motivated, youíll probably be fine.


Still unsure whether youíre ready?  Check out my expectations for undergraduate research students:


What I expect of UR students working with me

What my UR students can expect from me


For additional information on undergraduate research at BSU, visit the Office of Undergraduate Research.