IT 596 Clinical Experience

3 or 6 Graduate Credits



Course description: During the clinical experience, the student is employed in the role of an Instructional Technology Specialist in a pre-K12 school setting under appropriate school and college supervision. The clinical experience consists of 200 clock hours (3 credits) or 400 clock hours (6 credits). Additional clock hours may be required if, in the judgment of the instructor and cooperating teacher, additional time is needed for the student to meet standards. If the student is not employed, he/she will be placed full-time in an appropriate school setting under the direction of a qualified practitioner and IT 596 instructor. Prerequisites: Successful completion of IT 590, acceptance and retention in the Professional Education Program; satisfactory completion of program requirements; satisfactory completion of the field experience; and consent of the Instructional Technology Program coordinator.


Seminar meetings: In order to provide students with both instructor and peer support, three seminar meetings will be held. In addition, each student is responsible for scheduling an individual conference with the instructor. The conference may be in person, online or via telephone. Students are expected to come prepared to discuss both their progress and any obstacles they have encountered in meeting ISTE-NCATE Leadership (TL) standards. and in implementing their action research projects. The instructor may assign specific discussion questions and/or course readings prior to each of these meetings. Any updates regarding work to be completed prior to a seminar meeting and/or logistics of the meeting will be posted as announcements on the IT 596 CourseInfo Web site.