ED 530 - Teacher as Researcher



Course Description & Methodology

This course is designed to provide graduate students in education with an introduction to the research process.  Emphasis will be placed upon acquiring pragmatic skills that can be used throughout one's career. Students will not be expected to run statistical programs.  The course will stress the development of skills required for the critical evaluation of current research studies. Students are expected to become informed (and critical) consumers of research literature, and become familiar with the methods and technology surrounding scientific inquiry.  Modes of instruction will include: lecture/discussions, oral reports, written reports, cooperative groups and small group discussions. There will be an on-going reflective exploration of each student's personal/professional beliefs about teaching and learning through the use of journals.



As reflective practitioners and educational decision-makers, teachers should be both consumers and producers of research. Teachers should be able to locate, read, understand, and critique research in their area of expertise. Teachers should be able to understand processes of research, including the intent of the researcher, the research procedures, and final results. This course will provide students with the information they will need to begin to understand research processes, analyze data, and interpret research. It will also provide them with knowledge to design their own research in their areas of expertise and to implement that research design if required by their degree plan (discuss with your Advisor).