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In this webpage, you will find notes and homework solutions for Thomas P. Kling's undergraduate seminar on nonlinear dynamics.  The notes come directly from Steven Strogatz's text on the subject, and Prof. Kling does not claim any originality for the ideas or presentation here.

Lecture Notes:

Lecture 1: Geometrical Thinking
Lecture 2: Stability
Lecture 3: Potentials
Lecture 4: Bifurcations
Lecture 5: More Bifurcations
Lecture 6: Flows on the Circle
Lecture 7: Fireflies and Superconductors
Lecture 8: 2-D Linear Flows
Lecture 9: Love affairs
Lecture 10: Nonlinear Dynamics
Lecture 11: Classical Mechanics
Lecture 12: Index Theory
Lecture 13: Limit Cycles
Lecture 14: Bifurcations in 2-d
Lecture 15: More Bifurcations in 2-d
Lecture 16: Poincare Maps
Lecture 17: Logistic Map
Lecture 18: Logistic Map 2, Universality in Chaos