Welcome to our Teaching American History Grant! We invite you to explore the tremendous array of resources we have enjoyed and created as partners in this grant. From detailed lesson plans, to visits with renowned scholars, to innovative uses of primary sources, you'll find all sorts of ways to make history "come alive" for your students.

Our experience suggests that dollars, time and professional support do "make a real difference" -- in the lives of teachers, students and local communities. The TAHG is a wonderful program and our intention is to share all we have learned with you and perhaps, encourage some of you to apply for your own grant as well.

-- Margaret Lowe, PhD


TAHG is helping to raise the bar and raise hands

As part of a national program to promote the teaching of United States history in primary and secondary public schools, the U.S. Department of Education made $1.6 million, in the form of two grants, available to Bridgewater State College and its partnering school districts over six years. The first grant, awarded in 2002, was one of the largest competitive grants in Bridgewater State College's 143-year history. The second grant, awarded in 2004, will allow the program to continue and expand its partnership with local schools and its successful program of professional development.

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Reflections from TAHG Participants

Participating in TAHG and professional development. . . "This program enhances my professional development because I love the resources we are given. Teaching U.S. history is such a huge topic. There’s always so much to learn." -- Lauren Thomas, U.S. History Teacher, Brockton High School.   Watch the video

Learning from the best. . . "The scholars are amazing. The insight they are able to give to the teachers -- whether it’s during the keynote or whether it’s speaking to them one on one -- they are able to answer questions in depth." -- Andy Dizel, U.S. History Teacher, Middleboro High School.   Watch the video

Developing teaching skills and knowledge. . . "One of the biggest challenges teachers face is trying to provide students with as wide a range of perspective as possible. It’s up to the teacher to try to bring that perspective to them." -- Mark Alessandri, World and U.S. History Teacher, Caver High School   Watch the video

Knowing what to teach. . . "The song that stands out in my mind that I’m going to use anytime I teach this topic [is] “Through the Wire” by Kanye West and he makes one small reference to Emit Till." -- Greogory Kulowiec, World Studies and U.S. History Teacher, Plymouth South High School   Watch the video