Biomechanics Laboratory

The size of the Biomechanics Laboratory is approximately 16.5 m (length) x 8.2 m (width) x 2.7 m (height) and is featured with mounted spot lights on the ceiling. The Biomechanics Laboratory has the following instrumentation:

8 Vicon MX-T10S cameras (1 megapixel full frame resolution captures at 1000 frames per second) with Nexus software,
1 Vicon MX Giganet Lab,
3 Peak cameras (60 frames per second) with Peak Motus (version 8.0) software,
1 ground embedded AMTI force plate (Model: OR6-5),
1 Biopac EMG (Model: MP150),
5 mini-DV video cameras (60 frames per second),
2 Dartfish video analysis workstations,
1 running treadmill.

For more information regarding to the Biomechanics Laboratory, please contact the Director of Biomechanics Laboratory: Dr. Pamela Russell.

Exercise Physiology/Human Performance Laboratory

The Exercise Physiology/Human Performance Laboratory has the following instrumentation:

3 VO2max systems,
3 running treadmills,
2 stress testing systems,
2 multi-purpose electrode systems for EMG, ECG and EEG,
1 weight lifting rack,
1 underwater weighing system.

For more information regarding to the Exercise Physiology/Human Performance Laboratory, please contact the Directors of Exercise Physiology/Human Performance Laboratory: Dr. Edward Braun and Dr. Robert Haslam.

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