Bridgewater State College
Professor Sylvia Keyes

Summary of
1982 - 1998 School of Management and Aviation Science

American Marketing Association
Vice President, 2002-03
Collegiate Chapters Council(CCC)/Collegiate Division

Responsible for strategic planning of approximately 14,000 students, 300 faculty advisors, and regional members of the CCC. 

Professor of Management and Marketing subjects, with emphasis on experiential as well as theoretical learning. Acted as first Department Chairperson; developed courses and designed curriculum for all seven concentrations bringing them before the Curriculum Committee, where all received approval; conducted marketing work for over sixty organizations with students as part of their course work. Acted as a Shea Scholar mentor in 1992. Hugh G. Wales Faculty Advisor of the Year, American Marketing Association, 1995 and again in 1997 (student nominated).

Ran training sessions at organizational locations and on campus for students and sponsors working on sales and research projects designed. At the end of each semester, receive many donations to the collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) for students to attend conferences; also received—and donated to the College--three prints, each having a commemorative plaque, from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for research and sales projects designed and implemented for their shops.

In late 80’s to 90, at request of the Board of Selectmen and through the simultaneous request of the Department Chair, designed a comprehensive study of the perceptions of residents of Bridgewater toward issues of interest and that would soon require action. Completed 2200 residents’ interviews by supervising 12 directed studies. Several colleagues had their lower-level Principles of marketing students perform interviews as project work under the direction of the directed study people.

Treasurer of faculty organization for four years. Curriculum Committee member for 6 years, 4 of which served as Chair of Program and Policy Review Subcommittee. Member of MSCA Executive Board for 8 years. Member of President’s External Affairs Committee. Chairperson of Faculty Memorial Scholarship Fund from 1989-93. Member of Women’s Studies Advisory Board, serving as lecturer in the Introduction to Women’s Studies Course for about six years. Member of Search committee for Academic Dean in 1992, for Director of Institutional Research in 1996, and ongoing member of Departmental Search Committees. Member of Self-Study group of facilities for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in 1992-93. Member Moakley Center Steering Committee and at-large representative on Center for Health Promotions Steering Committee (both in 1993). Member of Advisory Board of Center for Advancement of Teaching and Research (CART) 1995 to present. Re-elected to Executive Committee of MSCA in 1996. Appointed to All-College Committee in 1997.

As Founder of and Faculty Advisor to the American Marketing Association, Bridgewater State College Chapter, have accompanied students to Regional and International Collegiate Conferences annually since 1990. This includes trips each April to New Orleans, LA, and each October to campuses including: Penn State University, University of Virginia, Johnson & Wales, State University of New York at Plattsburg, University of West Virginia. Nominate and accompany winner of Hutchinson Award (with his/her family) to Ceremony with Boston Professional Chapter of American Marketing Association annually in Spring.

Professional Development is a continual process and has included: three trips (San Rafael, CA , Dallas, TX, New York) to study Survey Systems, program used in Marketing Research; American Marketing Association Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference (during sabbatical leave to collect professorial data for ultimate promotional piece on experiential learning) in St. Petersburg, FL, 1994; AMA Summer (San Diego, CA, August) and Winter Educators’ Conferences (St. Petersburg, FL) while serving as Editor of the Special Interest Group (SIG) Newsletter for Marketing Research, 1996 & 1997; Sales Management Meeting and Training of Sales Management Special Interest Group, Orlando, Fl, July 1996; Johnson & Johnson Cooperative Learning Seminars at BSC, 1996; and Sales & Marketing Executives Seminar on Winning Presentations, by Kevin Greeley, of Communispond, 1997. Took course on British Museums through a series of lectures and subsequent travel with Professor S. Smalley, of Bridgewater State College, and class to London, England, December 1993. Independent side trips enhanced knowledge of international retailing. SPSS series of courses involving basic and advanced courses for statistical analysis.


1979-82 Pine Manor College Chestnut Hill, MA
Coordinator of Business Management Program
  • First Coordinator of program and instructor of: Practical Writing (English Department), Management, Marketing , Marketing Research, Advertising, Retailing, Sales Management, Marketing Management & Strategy. Founded campus chapter of Society for the Advancement of Management and speaker at three summer sessions at AMA headquarters in Endicott, New York and at Colgate College.

  • 1976 to Present Assignments at Northeastern University, Merrimack College, University of MA at Lowell, Visiting Lecturer of: Introduction to Business and Management, Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Management and Strategy, Marketing Research, Advertising, Promotion, Personal Selling and Sales Management,, Practical Writing (English Department at Lowell), Money and Banking, Personnel Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, guest lectures in Systems.

  • 1978-79 Independent Consultant Clients included: Cryovac Division of W. R. Grace; Merrimack Valley Planning Association; subcontract to Department of Health, Education and Welfare; a national bank.

  • 1976-78 Stop & Shop Companies As market Research Project Director and Senior Analyst, performed studies for top management of Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Stop & Shop Manufacturing Companies, Bradlees, and Medi-Mart.

  • 1969-76 Rath & Strong, Inc., Management Consultants Member of consulting staff. Completed assignments in marketing strategy, marketing research, and transition from customary to metric measurements, with emphasis in the manufacturing sector. Promoted to consulting staff from earlier positions as Production Manager and Public Relations Director. In charge of editing and assisting with writing of all reports to major, international corporations. Hired, trained, and developed all editors and graphic artists.


1972 Boston University, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
BS/BA, with High Honors
1975 Babson College, Graduate Programs
MBA, with High Distinction
1985 Northeastern University, Grad. School of Business
1986-7 Northeastern University, Grad. School of Business
Additional credits earned beyond CAGS

Managing Your Management Studies, Kendall Hunt Publishing, 1984. This book explained to incoming students (freshmen or transfers) the BSC programs, the reasons behind the courses, what to expect in study requirements, and how to avoid "senioritis."

Researched, interviewed women executives, and authored five case studies published in Modern Management, by Samuel Certo, Allyn and Bacon, 1992 and 1994: also reviewed three editions of this text.

"Experiential Learning Adds Value to Many Constituencies," delivered at, and published in proceedings of, American Marketing Association 15th International Collegiate Conference, Faculty Track, New Orleans, LA. 1993.

"The Impact of the Brockton Area Transit Authority on the Local Economy," with M. Landman,1993,.

Business Marketing, credited reviewer, Gross et al, Houghton Mifflin, 1993,

"Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning Brings Students to New Levels," presented and published in Proceedings of the 16th American Marketing Association Intercollegiate Conference, New Orleans, LA. , 1994.

"Impact Study of Bridgewater State College," with M. Landman, 1995.

"Symbiotic Relationships that Develop into Partnerships: a Proposed Model for Marketing Faculty," presented and published in Proceedings of the 18th American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference, New Orleans, LA, 1996.

"SIGnifcant Research News," Editor , newsletter published for members of the American Marketing Association Special Interest Group in Marketing Research . Dissemination to over 400 faculty members and professionals. First editor and creator of title.

"Paul Green wins first Churchill Award," published in "Marketing Educator," Winter 1996.

Marketing, W. Pride and O. C. Ferrell; most recent work, Chapter 10, "Marketing on the Internet. " Reviewed with credits, 6th through 10th editions.

Journal of Marketing Communications, 1998, Volume 15, Number 6: book review of Predatory Marketing, C. Britt Beemer with Robert L. Shook, William Morrow and Company, Inc.

Perspectives: Marketing Tactics, 1999, Coursewise Publishing, Editorial Board Member.

Marketing, W. Pride and O. C. Ferrell, Member of Pride/Ferrell Advisory Board, 11th Edition, Houghton Mifflin, 2000.

"A Summary of Focus Group Work to Determine the Wants and Needs of First-Year Teachers in the Bridgewater/Raynham and Brockton, Massachusetts Region," Draft, with Mercer Fellouris, May 4, 1999.



1988 & 1990 Burke Market Research Institute, Cincinnati, OH and Boston, MA

1988 (circa) Direct Marketing Faculty Institute, Recipient of fellowship awarded to 20 faculty members nationally selected, New York, NY. (one week)

1992 & 1995 Creative Research Seminars, San Rafael,CA & Dallas, TX

1992 Presenter: Independent Coach Conference,Worcester, MA

1993 Moderator, Focus Group , Development Officers, Universities and Colleges, Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA

1994 Panelist: "The Changing Vision of Transit:: Transit as a Vital Player in the Economy," Federal Transit Administration Region I Conference, Boston, MA

1994 Japanese Tourist Seminar

1995 White House Conference on Tourism, May 199t, Session Leader

1995 Panelist for General Motors Marketing Internship at Atlantic Marketing Conference, New Orleans, LA;selected and sponsored by SGRO Promo Associates President, Tony Sgro

1996 Johnson & Johnson Cooperative Learning

1996 Keynote Speaker, New England Distributors, Decora Annual Meeting, Worcester, MA

1997 Session Chair, Discussant, Reviewer, Atlantic Marketing Conference, Nashville, TN

1998 Panelist, Special Session on Advising Student Organizations, Atlantic Marketing Conference, October 1998, Savannah, GA

1999 Attended full series of courses at SPSS, Statistical Package for Systems Solutions, December 1998

American Marketing Association, Senior/Executive member; Appointed to 3-year term on Collegiate Chapters Council in 1998; this is the eight-member governing board over all 400+ international collegiate chapters. Also member of Alpha Mu Alpha, its honor society. Chapter founder and faculty advisor to Bridgewater State College Chapter since 1984. As chapter advisor, accompanied AMA BSC student chapter to every International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans since 1990 (and in Dallas in 1998). Led students to successful, final placement in Marketing Case Study Challenges. Researched and helped the success of the Massachusetts Environmental Trust special edition of license plate with right wale, which says "Preserve the Trust."

Member Industrial Advisory Board, Gordon Institute of Tufts University, Medford, MA, since 1988.

Society of Concurrent Engineering (SOCE), since 1993.

Director, Old Colony Council, Boy Scouts of America, since 1995.

Sales and Marketing Executives, since1997.

Bridgewater State College, Institutional Review Board, 5-year appointment by President Tinsley, beginning in 1999.

Hugh G. Wales Advisor of the Year, American Marketing Association (a student-nominated, North American award) recipient in 1995 and 1997.

"National Advanced Rural Transportation Systems’ Traveler Information Services in Tourism," in support of L. Harmon, summer 1997. (Prior work with L. Harmon included an accepted proposal to the Executive Office of Transportation and another grant.)

Massachusetts State College Association (MSCA) ; Treasurer, 2 terms. Elected to Executive Committee 1996, and served as member 1987 to 1993. Curriculum Committee, 5 years, 3 of which was Chairperson of Program and Policy Review subcommittee. Member of Academic Policies Subcommittee, 1984, and Long-Range Planning Subcommittee, 1983. Member of Promotions Committee.

Advisory Board Member, Center for Advancement of Research and Teaching (CART), since 1995.

Elected to Promotions Committee in 1998. Served for two years, and Chairperson in 1999.



The strength of my teaching has come from strong and loyal alliances with businesses and other organizations. Working with these people has afforded my students opportunities to participate in professional projects with executive-level clients and sponsors. It affords me the chance to stay abreast of how organizations are working, an imperative requirement for every management professor. Each semester students gain the benefit of the professor’s involvement with business as it currently is, while I teach the concepts to apply to that work. Guaranteed the continuing need for this work, first through a seminar for corporations on campus, and then through a sabbatical project which resulted in a printed sheet describing "Experiential Learning at BSC." Information from alumni, clients and sponsors, and faculty from all over the globe insured the necessity to continue with these programs. Over 75% of our clients and sponsors have worked with us repeatedly for up to about 10 years.

A partial list of clients (for marketing research, industrial marketing, and sales promotion classes, as well as sales management sponsors) follows. Over 75% of these organizations have requested our services more than once, and several have worked with us for many semesters.

  • Agnew, Carter, McCarthy, Advertising Agency, Boston, MA
  • Agway Energy (2 students became Agway employees), Bridgewater, MA
  • American Red Cross, Brockton, MA
  • Balfour Jewelry, Attleboro, MA
  • Barbershop Quartet, Society for Preservation of, Providence, RI
  • Boston Edison/Pilgrim Plant, Plymouth, MA
  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts Shops, Boston, MA
  • Boy Scouts of America/Old Colony Council, Canton, MA
  • Bridgewater Bandits
  • Bridgewater Fitness Center
  • Bridgewater Public Library
  • Bridgewater/Raynham Regional High School
  • Bridgewater, Town of (2 major studies)
  • Bridgewater Savings Bank
  • Bridgewater State College
  • Food Services
  • Foundation
  • Health Promotion
  • President Tinsley, Image Study, Impact Study w/M. Landman
  • Residence Halls
  • Bridgewater: Town of
  • Bristol County Savings Bank, Taunton, MA
  • Brockton Area Transit Authority (BAT), Brockton, MA
  • Brockton Industrial Electric, Brockton, MA
  • Brockton Public Library
  • Brookfield Engineering, Stoughton, MA
  • Building 19, Hingham, MA—CEO donated computer to college in appreciation
  • Cablevision Industries (CVI), Foxboro, MA—now Time/Warner
  • Cape Cod Children’s Museum, Falmouth, MA
  • Cenzo’s, Bridgewater, MA
  • Coins n Things, Bridgewater, MA
  • Commonwealth Electric, Wareham, MA
  • Commonwealth of MA, Consumer Affairs Division, Boston, MA
  • Compaq ServiceCenter—formerly Digital Equipment Corp., Maynard, MA
  • Continental Cable Company, Brockton, MA
  • Cranberry Country Chamber of Commerce, Middleboro, MA
  • Data Translation, Marlboro, MA
  • Defense Commissary Agency/U.S.A.,, Norfolk, Virginia
  • Department of Transportation/Federal, Washington, DC
  • Destination Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
  • Digital Servicenter, Bridgewater State College
  • Discovery Toys, Halifax, MA
  • Earl, Walter Earl Chevrolet, Bridgewater, MA
  • Fallon & Williams—Heating, ventilating, HVAC, Brighton, MA
  • Falmouth Credit Union, Falmouth, MA
  • Forge Pond Nursing Home, East Bridgewater, MA
  • Foxboro Company, Foxboro, MA and East Bridgewater, MA
  • Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, MA
  • General Motors Marketing Internship (GMMI), Emeryville, CA
  • Girl Scouts—project and Shea Scholar Mentor, Taunton, MA
  • Greater Attleboro/Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA)
  • Halifax Public Library
  • Hanson Print, Brockton, MA
  • Heart of Taunton
  • Helen’s Hair Studio, Raynham, MA
  • Heritage Flowers and Balloons, Lakeville, MA
  • Holiday Inn of Brockton
  • Interstate Coffee, Easton, MA
  • Kao Infosystems, Plymouth, MA
  • Knife, L.Knife and Sons, Kingston, MA
  • Lakeville Computer, Lakeville, MA
  • Leukemia Society, Dedham, MA
  • Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., Middleboro/Lakeville, MA
  • Old Colony United Way, Brockton, MA
  • Old Colony YMCA, Brockton, MA
  • Manny’s Hardware, Taunton, MA
  • Massachusetts Environmental Trust, Boston, MA
  • Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Boston, MA
  • Massachusetts On-Line Business Directory
  • McCann Erickson Advertising/Event Marketing, St. Louis, MO
  • Metro South Chamber of Commerce, Brockton, MA
  • Plymouth County Development Council, Kingston, MA
  • Plymouth Five Cents Savings Bank, Plymouth, MA
  • Prudential Insurance/Brockton
  • Ridder Country Club/Event Catering, Whitman, MA
  • Roberts Animal Hospital, Hanover, MA
  • Rofor Machine Tool Company, Brockton, MA
  • Romm Jewelry, Brockton, MA
  • Shaw’s Supermarkets, East Bridgewater, MA
  • Sullivan Tire, Rockland & Norwell, MA
  • TACC International, Rockland, MA
  • Taunton, City of (Mayor Dick Johnson)
  • United Way of Greater Attleboro/Taunton
  • Zildjian, Norwell, MA


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