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I am approaching several universities in the New England area who are leaders in the field of international education and wish to consult with practitioners at these universities who may have a strong interest in this research and may be able to have informed opinions regarding both the need for a history text on international education and how such a text may be best presented in terms of the instructional needs of the university program.

The text will substantially provide an historic perspective to the following areas of activity in international education from 1893-1942:

While I have researched a wide-range of educational activities in this project I have restricted myself to the phenomena of 'self-described' international education work which does, in fact, have a deep and rich history back to a time before the turn of the 20th century in the Western world. The text will begin with the year 1893 and use an international education conference held at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago as a starting point.

The book will be organized into four specific periods:

1851-1892Tension Between Nationalism and Internationalism (Background Chapter)
1893-1914The First Era of Globalization and the Utopias of Peace
1915-1929Stumbling Towards a Global Federation
1930-1942The Promise of World Peace, Unfulfilled

The work has depended largely upon the historical work of Professor William Brickman of New York University and of Professor Issac Kandel of Columbia University as well as the original documents related to numerous international conferences and professional education associations that arose in the period from 1851-1942. We hope to publish this first volume in time for the September 2002 World Conference on International Education in Geneva which will be co-sponsored by the International Baccalaureate Organization and by the University of Bath.

Bob Sylvester
17 September, 2001

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