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Special Needs Instructor
Bryce Hospital
Alabama Department of Mental Health
Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Teacher, Resource Specialist
Meade Senior High School
Ft. Meade, Maryland



Program Developer
Project P.U.S.H.-Outreach
Keyser, West Virginia



Teacher, Learning Disabilities Resource Room
Keyser Elementary School
Keyser, West Virginia



Teacher, 1st and 4th grades
Short Gap Elementary School
Ridgeley, West Virginia



University Courses Taught

Courses currently taught at Bridgewater State College, 1999-present

SE 202: Introduction to Special Education

SE 203: Cultural Diversity in Schools and Society

SE 206: Special Education in a Diverse Society

SE 303: Principles and Procedures of Assessment of Special Needs Learners

SE 404/405 Student Teaching Practicum: Mainstream/Special Education Program; PreK-8

SE 429: Fieldwork in Special Education

SE 504/505 Applied Curriculum Development for Learners with Special Needs: PreK-8, 5-12

SE 530: Assessment Procedures in Special Education

SE 560:  Teaching Students with Special Needs through Direct/Explicit Instruction


Following Courses were taught at The Pennsylvania State University, 1996-1999

Note: Syllabi for those courses "identified" can be viewed on the PSU "CourseWeb"

SPLED 501: Administration and Supervision of Educational Programs for Students with Exceptional Needs

SPLED 570: Problems in the Education of Students with Emotional Disorders

SPLED 412: Instruction for Students with Mild Handicaps

SPLED 537:  Problems of Research with Handicapped Groups

SPLED 597: Special Topics: Special Education for the 21st Century: Issues and Trends

SPLED 595c: Internship in Special Education Supervision

SPLED 444: Special Education in Urban Communities (@PSU Delaware County)

SPLED 597: Special Topics: Inclusive Practices in the Schools

....and an additional seventeen classes taught over the preceeding sixteen years at University of the Pacific and at Furman University.

Nova Development Art Explosion



Nova Development Art Explosion

Multiple Subject (California)

Specialist: Learning Handicapped (California)

Special Needs; PreK-9 (Massachusetts)

Special Needs; 5-12 (Massachusetts)

Administrative Credential (California)

Pupil Personnel Services, School Counseling (California)

Pupil Personnel Services, School Psychology (California and Pennsylvania)


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Nova Development Art Explosion