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Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations Reduce Soil Erosion: Lessons for the
New Millennium
Summary: Real world observations of soil erosion trends in the United States
reveal the beneficent impacts of the historical rise in the air's CO2
concentration on the nation's incalculably valuable soil and water
resources, vindicating an experimentally inspired prediction made many years
ago by our father and providing an important perspective from which to view
model based predictions of impending (or current, as some claim)
catastrophic global warming

A Hot Time in the Medieval Warm Period in Africa
Summary: A high-quality temperature record obtained from a well-dated
stalagmite found in a cave in South Africa reveals the Little Ice Age in
that part of the world to have been about 1C cooler than present, while the
warmest part of the Medieval Warm Period was as much as 3-4C warmer than
present.  This record is characteristic of many others that reveal these
well-known global climatic regimes to have been of much greater significance
than certain modern climate reconstructionists would have us believe

A Five-Century Rainfall Record for the Canadian High Arctic
Summary: A 487-year record of rainfall derived from analyses of varved
sediments in a Canadian High Arctic lake reveals precipitation to have been
more variable and extreme during the coldest parts of the Little Ice Age,
contradicting the claims of climate alarmists that the warming that brought
the planet out of this cool climatic excursion should be bringing more
variable and extreme weather our way

Elevated CO2  Protects Photosynthesis at High Temperatures
Summary: Elevated CO2  increased the thermal tolerance of 15 out of 16 plant
species experiencing acute exposure to normally deleterious high
temperatures, indicating that when the air's CO2  content rises, most plants
like it hot (

The Effects of Elevated CO2  on Secondary Carbon Compounds in Pine
Summary: Atmospheric CO2  enrichment increased the concentrations of
phenolics in both above- and belowground organs of loblolly pine seedlings

Effect of Elevated CO2  and Temperature on Rice
Summary: Elevated CO2  significantly increased rice grain yield at ambient
air temperatures, while it had no effect on yield at air temperatures 4C
above ambient (


Summary: A review of the recent literature shows no widespread

desertification has occurred in the African Sahel for the past several

decades, due in large part to the beneficial effects of the ongoing rise in

the air's CO2 content


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