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GEOG 151 Emailing your Professor


In the "ramey (at) bridgew.edu" address, substitute @ for the (at) part.  I do this to prevent collecting unwanted spam.

When emailing, I would appreciate it if you would include in your address line the course info... just put in GEOG151.  This helps me if I need to find your email later, as I can search on that phrase.

Email me anytime you have a question about the course!  I will answer as promptly as I can.  Do not email me and ask me for the material; I do not maintain a set of lecture notes... most of this stuff is in my head.

If you miss a class for any reason, you should get together with a classmate to catch up on the notes - and you should always do that before the next class so that you will be prepared for the day's quiz (as we often begin class with a quiz on the material discussed the class before).