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GEOG 151 list of activity assignments for spring '13
1   definitions of geography and human geography
     two definitions of geography and two definitions of human geography, and write a brief summary comparing each of the two definitions... do the two definitions of geography say different things, or just say the same thing a different way? do the two definitions of human geography say something different or do they say the same thing a different way? You must cite your sources where you got the definitions.
2   chapter 1: interpretation of 1900-2000 maps on pp 16-18 of text
     describe whether or not you think that the population of the northeast-midwest area of the country has become "more spread out" or "more concentrated" between 1900 and 2000... then describe whether or not you think that the population in the baltimore-washington metropolitan area has become more spread out or more concentrated between 1900 and 2000.
3   chapter 1: activity 1 (wiley website - us african-american population distribution)
     create a map using the "state choropleth" option that would mislead the viewer as to the distribution of the african-american population in the US.
4   chapter 5: activity 2 (wiley website - india)
     complete scenarios 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7
5   chapter 7: inventory of durable and non-durable goods you own (mapped in class)
     make (1) a list of 10-12 durable goods that you own (appliances, electronics - except do not list your car or computer - and (2) a list of 15-20 nondurable goods you own (clothing, bedding...). List what type of item it is (you do not need the brand name, just whether it is, for example, a pair of pants or a blouse...), and where it was made.  all products will have a tag or label that says what country it was made (produced, fabricated, manufactured) in... this is required by law.
6   chapter 10: reading the urban landscape (in class)
     describe in the six photos shown what clues you see that tell you what type of neighborhood each is (low, middle or high income)... then make notes from the six census maps shown what the three neighborhoods marked are like... and lastly, which or the neighborhoods mapped do you think you would find the neighborhoods in each of the photos? NOTE: This activity was completed and discussed in class and cannot be made up.
7   chapter 6: regional multipliers (in text, pp 179-180)
     complete all of the questions calculating the regional multiplier and its effects.
8   chapter 14: matching products to their descriptions (in class)
     can you match each of the products shown to the descriptions provided? NOTE: This was a class hand out. This activity cannot be made up.
9   chapter 14: activity 2 (wiley website - aral sea environmental analysis)
     read the article on "the disappearing aral sea" and fill in the appropriate responses in the environmental systems analysis flow chart.  NOTE: You do not need to do either of the other two articles included in this activity ("Wilding America" or "The Scourge of Cows").
10   chapter 2: defining the "southwest"
     (1) Where is the "southwest"? Describe what you would include within the boundary of what you think is the "southwest US" (states or parts of states). (2) make a list of the characteristics (images, cultural characteristics) that you think make the "southwest" distinctive from other regions of the US. (3) go through activity 2.1 on the southwest on the wiley website. (4) make a list of the images and cultural characteristics that you would use to describe to someone what makes "new england" different from other regions of the US.
11   chapter 12: activity 1 (wiley website - mapping religious affiliation in northern ireland)
     (1) go through all of the mapping exercise on northern ireland (activity 12.1 on the wiley website) using either or both the equal frequency and equal interval methods (i recommend doing both) and briefly write out your intrepretation as to whether northern ireland has become more integrated or more segregated from 1971 to 2011. (2) keeping in mind what a "majority" is, create a better map using the 2011 data that clearly shows the residential location of the catholic and protestant populations in northern ireland.
12   chapter 9: activity 2 on wiley website (baseball expansion)
     using the list of cities under "future US expansion," along with the marketing concerns of (1) the size of the major city, (2) the size of the potential market area, and (3) the predicted impact on the market areas of surrounding affected existing teams, determine where you would locate one new major league baseball team.