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GEOG 151 course material
book: (Kuby et al) Human Geography in Action, 5th Edition -- This text is required. The book is a workbook, with chapter readings on the core concepts, followed by hands-on exercises. The exercises for this text are now all on the web - ignore any place in the text that says "Insert your CD..." and go to the Student Companion Web Site (www.wiley.com/college/kuby). We will be doing part of the activities in class, so you will need to bring your book. Some parts of the activities will be assigned as outside work.  All assignments are due the next class.
objectives: To introduce you to the spatial interactions between people, their activities, and their environment -- the layers of our natural, social, cultural, economic and built environments. We will examine many basic models in human geography, such as how to read the urban landscape, how our modifications to the environment can have both direct and unintended affects (on both us and the natural environment), how the dynamics of population can change through either growth or migration, and how cultural differences can define regions for both good and bad. In addition to the core material in the text and the additional lecture material, you will work on exercises that will give you a fundamental grasp of the geographer's tools - Maps, GIS (geographic information systems), and elementary spatial statistical methods.
assignments:  All reading assignments and outside work will be announced in class.
grades: Total points for the class - 300.
QUIZZES - ONE QUIZ AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS MOST DAYS, BASED ON THE MATERIAL FROM THE LAST CLASS.  Please note carefully -- these quizzes will be given during the first 10 minutes of class.  If you are late, you will miss the quiz, and quizzes cannot be made up.  Quizzes are 10 points each. There will be 10-12 quizzes. (100 points)
ASSIGNMENTS - As assigned in class.  10 points each.  There will be 10- 12 assignments. (100 points)
FINAL TEST - 100 multiple choice and fill-in questions, comprehensive.  Given during the final exam period for your class period only. (100 points) 
spring 2013 final grades ... to be posted by wednesday, may 14
     monday - wednesday 1:50 section
     monday - wednesday 3:20 section
     tuesday - thursday 12:30 section
     tuesday (evening) 6:00 section
spring 2013 quiz grades: Quiz grades posted for all sections.  Email me if you have any questions! 
     monday - wednesday 1:50 section
     monday - wednesday 3:20 section
     tuesday - thursday    12:30 section 
spring 2013 activity grades
     monday - wednesday 1:50 section
     monday - wednesday 3:20 section
     tuesday - thursday    12:30 section
academic integrity: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO UNDERSTAND THE UNIVERSITY'S POLICIES ON ACADEMIC INTEGRITY!  The university policy is clearly stated in the BSU Handbook, and can be found online at:  http://www.bridgew.edu/handbook/policiesprocedures/academicintegrity.htm .  Academic misconduct, such as cheating on a test, will result in a "0" grade on a test, paper or assignment.  A "0" grade assigned as the penalty for the incident in question CANNOT be replaced with the course make-up exam at the end of the semester.  A second instance of cheating in this course will result in an F grade for the course, and you could face suspension or expulsion from the school. 

exam times (spring 2013 semester)

     CLASS...........     FINAL EXAM DAY   ...   TIME

     MON/WED  150-305     Monday,  May 13  ...  11:00 am - 1:00 pm

     MON/WED  320-435     Monday,  May 13  ...   2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

     TUE/THU 1230-145     Thursday, May 9  ...  11:00 am - 1:00 pm

powerpoint file of sample quizzes  This can be used to review for the final test, includes all quizzes from this semester and some from previous years, and some other info from lectures and assignments to look over. The final test could include any material from lectures, assignments or chapter readings. THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE POWERPOINT FILE.
outline of irish history 1100 to 1998 (chapter 12)  Use to review your lecture notes on the history of Ireland/Northern Ireland from 1100 to 2012. The history of Ireland has a significant geographical impact on the island in terms of its population, society, economy, politics, rebellion, independence and current division where part of the province of Ulster remains under control of the United Kingdom.
list of activity assignments for spring '13

Link to Chapter 10 Activity, "Reading the Urban Landscape" How does what we can visibly observe about an area match to the data we can analyze from the census to describe it? NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME