Places Pam has worked

(Not including odd babysitting and dog-walking jobs)

1. Lauerman's Corner Grocery "the Little Store with more" - clerk
Appleton, WI
2. McDonald's - counter worker
Catonsville, Maryland
 3. Quality Inn - hostess/waitress
Route 40 West Catonsville, Maryland
4. B.Dalton Bookseller - clerk
Security Square Mall Baltimore, Maryland
5. Holiday Inn - waitress 
Route 40 Baltimore, Maryland
6.Baltimore Sun (newspaper)-Delivery person
7. Research subject at George Washington University for study on "pre-marital couples"
(my (then) fiance and I were paid $30 to share)
8. T.Rowe Price (through Kelly Services)
Baltimore, Maryland
9. K-Mart - clerk
Oxford, Ohio
10. Nanny
Oxford, Ohio
11. Miami University - Graduate Assistant
 Oxford, Ohio
12. University of Arizona - Graduate Assistant
Research Assistant
Contract employee to IBM site library
Tucson, Arizona
13. Lunar and Planetary Laboratory Library
University of Arizona-Student clerk
Tucson, Arizona
14. Research assistant to Tom Miller, author
Tucson, Arizona
15. Hispanic Books Distributors-cataloger/copy writer
Tucson, Arizona

16. Nursing Home office clerk (through ADIA services)
Tucson, Arizona

17. IBM/Lexmark (through Kelly Services)-proofreader
Tucson, Arizona
18. Open-House greeter (through Kelly Services)
Tucson, Arizona
19. Transcriber - Women's Studies Department University of Arizona
20. Tucson Unified School District-subsitute teacher
Tucson, Arizona
21. McAllen Memorial Library-Reference Librarian
McAllen, Texas
22. Bridgewater State College-Librarian/Spanish Instructor
Bridgewater State College
23. Spanish Tutor
East Bridgewater, Massachusetts
24. Unitarian Universalist Sermon-giver
Bridgewater, Massachusetts; Fallston, Maryland
25. Recorder player 
Bridgewater Massachusetts

Updated 2/10/09

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