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The job title librarian can mean a lot of different things. Librarians may work as advocates, systems operators, managers,  collection development specialists, catalogers, instructors, community liaisons, grant writers, or sleuths, among others. A librarian might work in a public library, a school library, a college or university, or at a site library at a business or museum, or may not work in a library at all, instead doing research, or working for a vendor. In most cases a person with the title of librarian has earned an advanced degree in library and information science, commonly known as the Master's of Library Science or MLS. The American Library Association maintains a list of accredited programs that offer this credential.

So you want to be a librarian...
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Librarians are working to Save the World:
Green @ Your Library

What do we need librarians for anyway, when we have Google? Librarians help people sort through the vast information network. I worked with librarians from six other institutions to create this rubric on Information Literacy

Copyright Help from the American Library Association

How can you find things in a library anyway?
Library of Congress Classification Outline

Crap Detection 101
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National Forum on Information Literacy



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