Pam's Special Simple Living Tips for Women Over Forty

1. Sleep on the most comfortable bed you can afford. No one over 40 should still be sleeping on a futon.

2. There is no such thing as too many pillows.

3. Your bedroom should be on the same floor as a bathroom

4. Schedule your mammograms for after lunch, and then take the rest of the afternoon off.

5. If someone offers to take you to lunch, go, and let them pay.

6. If you don't yet belong to a women's group, find one, or organize one yourself. Don't join one that has too many rules.

7. There will always be plenty of food at a pot luck, even if you don't bring anything.  No one will notice if you don't.

8. You probably really do need glasses now, if you didn't before. Embrace it.


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Last updated September 18, 2009