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Campbell, Jeff. 1985. Speed Cleaning. New York: Dell.
How to get your house really clean, without putting in a lot of time 


Frank, Robert H. 1999. Luxury Fever: Why money fails to satisfy in an era of excess. Simon & Schuster. A look at the societal cost of conspicuous consumption, with a bold recommendation for a solution.

Goeller, Sam. 2004. Yes You Can...Afford to Raise a Family. Simon & Schuster.  Ideas from real parents. Some shameless self-promotion here. I have an acknowledgement in this one! - Pam

Keilburger, Craig & Marc. 2006. Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World. Fireside. The authors present a plan for moving towards a more civic-minded thinking, with inspirational stories from people from a variety of backgrounds.

Levine, Judith. 2006 Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping.Simon and Schuster. The author documents her year of buying only necessities and explores society's relationship with shopping.

Linn, Susan. 2004. Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood. Norton. Explains how marketers work to incorporate advertising into every aspect of children's lives.

Longacre, Doris. 1980. Living More With Less. Herald Press.   Ideas from the Mennonites for simplifying and conservation of world resources. 

Longacre, Doris Janzen. 1976. More-with-Less Cookbook. Scottsdale, Pennsylvania: Herald Press.
As of 1996 this cookbook was in its 43rd printing. More than a cookbook it is a guide to getting more out of life while spending less.

McKibben, Bill. 1996. Hundred Dollar Holiday : The Case for a Joyful Christmas. Simon & Schuster. Ideas for a simpler, and more meaningful holiday.

Persig, Robert. 1974. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. New York: Bantam.
Classic philosophical work. One doesn't need to be interested in motorcycles to gain insight.

Rechtschaffen, Stephan. 1996. Timeshifting: Creating More Time to Enjoy Your Life.. Herald Press. Shows how to start changing the way we think about time, and use more of it for family and fun.

St. James, Elaine. 1994. Simplify Your Life: 100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things That Really Matter. Hyperion. Some easy ways to get started with simplifying your life.

Schor, Juliet B. 2004. Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture. Scribner. Marketers are directly targeting children on television, in schools and, through their friends and even in their homes.

Schor, Juliet B. 1999. The Overspent American : Why we want what we don't need.  HarperCollins. Schor shows how the desire to" keep up with the Joneses" creates dissatisfaction while people work more and more and spend beyond their means.

Sherlock, Marie. 2003. Living Simply with Children: A Voluntary Simplicity Guide for Moms, Dads and Kids Who want to Reclaim the Bliss of Childhood and the Joy of Parenting. The title says it all - stop over scheduling, and over working and start enjoying.

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