A website about Lilith

A poem about Lilith by my father:

Song Of Lilith

by John Hayes

Adam's first wife, Lilith, was a witch.

Adam departed their bed

climbed meadowy hill

and to God he said,

"She, dear God is not for me,

I'd rather bed with a wandering flea."

"Sleep," God said.

As Adam slept God fashioned Eve

from Adam's seventh rib.

Adam woke and smiled on Eve.

"You're gorgeous," Adam said.

He took her hand

and Eve replied, "And so are you."

God was pleased and turned to leave

but Adam shouted, "Hold on there!

"Polygamy is not for me.

"I seek fidelity.

"Yet Lilith serves my marriage bed."

"Not to worry," is what God said,

"My playwright's here.

"She'll edit Lilith from your bed."


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Last updated July 20, 2010