PH.D., 1980

Communication : University of Colorado at Boulder
Dissertation: Social Justice: 
An Interpretation fo teh Rhetoric of Legal Justice and the Rhetoric of Moral Justice.
Areas of Emphsis: Rhetoric, Theory of Commnication, Legal Communication and Social Change.


Communication: Unviersity of Colorado at Boulder
Thesis: Fusion:
An Existential, Phenomenological Approach to Commnication Theory
Areas of Emphasis: Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication, History and Philosophy of Rhetoric.


Unvieristy of North Carolina at Charlotte
With High Honors
Major: History Honors                                                                         Minor: Rligion



Full Professor of Speech Communication, Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA.
Graduate and Honors faculty. New course development, including International Media, The Rhetoric of Television, Global Diversity and Communication, the Rhetoric of Film and Diversity in Film. Recipient of two Fulbright Study Grants to Taiwan and Korea (1988) and the People's Republic of China (1990); International Radio and Television Society Seminar Grant (1992); BSC CART Research Grants (1992, 1994).
Undergraduate Courses: Coordinator, undergraduate curriculum revision. Human Communication Skills, Fundamentals of Communication (research), Rhetorical and Communicative Theory, Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, International Communication, Conflict, the Rhetoric of Television, the Rhetoric of Film and Seminar in Public Relations.
Graduate Courses: Communication Theory, Communication Research Methods, Scholarship and Criticism, Intercultural Communication, Male/Female Communication and Public Communication.

Fall 1988

Exchange Professor to the Department of Foreign Languages from Bridgewater State College to Shanxi Teacher's University, Linfen, Shanxi Province, People's Republic of China.
Professor and advisor to American and Chinese exchange students.
English Literature, English History, American Literature, American History, American Culture, Public Speaking and Communication.


Exchange Professor to the Department of Foreign Languages from Bridgewater State College to Shanxi Teacher's University, Linfen, Shanxi Province, People's Republic of China.
American Literature, American History, News Reading and Writing, The Rhetoric of Deng Xiaoping, Public Speaking, Postgraduates (conversation), Young Teachers (criticism), Going Abroad Students (conversation) and Thesis Research and Writing.


Associate Professor of Speech Communication, Bridgewater State College.



Assistant Professor of Speech Communication, Bridgewater State College.

Undergraduate Courses: Dynamics of Human Communication, Communication Theory, Senior Seminar, Rhetoric and Persuasion, Organizational Communication, Rhetoric and Social Change, Rhetorical Criticism of Mass Communication, Political Communication and Cable Television.

Graduate Courses: Communication Theories Overview, Research Methods, Seminar in Mass Communication, Seminar in Public Communication, Organizational Communication and Communication Scholarship and Criticism. Other: Participated in development and implementation of graduate program in 1981. Advised and directed graduate student research. Served as graduate coordinator for the Speech Communication Department. Directed and coordinated activities of six teaching assistants in Dynamics of Human Communication.


Assistant Professor of Speech, Western State College, Gunnison, CO.

Courses: Public Speaking, Organizational Communication, Principles of Written and Oral Communication, Mass Communication and Effects on Society, Freshman English and English as a Second Language.


Visiting Instructor in Communication, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL.

Courses: Interpersonal Communication, Dimensions of Communication, Communication and Social Change and Public Speaking.


Instructor in Communication, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

Courses: Discussion and Small Group Communication, Persuasion, Principles of Communication, Rhetoric and Social Change and English as a Second Language.



--Coordinator, Center for the Advancement of Research and Teaching (CART), 1999 to present

--External Reviewer, Committee Member for doctoral dissertation, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 1998-1999

--Invited Speaker, Frank Church Conference on Public Affairs (The Dragon Stirs) November, 1999

--Academic Policies Committee, 1998-1999

--CART Advisory Board, 1998-1999

--Graduate Education Council, 1997-1998

--Chairperson, Department of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts, 1996-1999

--Advisor, New English Century, Nanjing, China, 1997

--Consultant, Nanjing Twenty-First Century Bilingual School, 1997

--Honorary Research Fellow, Nanjing Normal University Linguistic and Cultural Studies Institute, Nanjing, China, 1997

--CART Small Grant, 1997

--Acting Chair, Department of Speech Communication, Theatre Arts and Communication Disorders, 1995-1996.

--China Lecture Seminar, with Dongxue Zheng, Davis Alumni Center, BSC, April 5, 12, 19, 1995.

--"Researching Transnational Radio," in Bridgewater Review, December 1994.

--CART Brownbag Seminar on "Zen and the Art of International Studies," September 1994.

--China Lecture Seminar, Davis Alumni Center, BSC, October 17, 1994.

--CART Summer Grant, 1994

--All College Committee, 1983-1985, 1994-present

--Coordinator, Undergraduate Curriculum Development, 1992-present

--CART Small Grant, 1992

--Communication Studies Graduate Coordinator, 1992-present

--Speech Communication Area Coordinator, 1992-1995

--International Radio and Television Society Seminar Grant (1992)

--Coordinator, Fulbright China Conference, Bridgewater State College (1991)

--Fulbright Grant to study language and culture, People's Republic of China (1990)

--"Communicating in Confucian Based Cultures," paper resulting from 1988 Fulbright Grant (1989)

--Fulbright Grant to study economic development in Taiwan and Korea (1988)

--Distinguished Service Awards, Bridgewater State College, 1982-1983 and 1987-1988

--Graduate Education Council, 1984-1988

--Department Graduate Committee, 1981-present and Graduate Coordinator, 1983-1983-1988, 1992-present

--Editorial Board for the Bridgewater Review, 1982-1988

--All-College Committee, 1983-1985 and 1996-1997

--Professional Development Grants, 1985-1986 and 1988-1989

--Exchange Professor, Shanxi Teacher's University, 1985-1986 and 1988




Cable Television/Writing

--Communication Consultant to United Cable Television, Denver, CO. Assessed Franchise Proposal format and content, 1980.

--Consultant to Cablevision, Cape Girardeau, MO. Wrote franchise proposal, gave presentation, 1977.

--Consultant to Japanese Telecommunications firm. Wrote articles on Japanese cablevision (published in TVC, 1977).

--Consultant for S.S. Street and Associates, Inc. Researched cable television potential for clients (municipalities and cable television firms). Wrote and analyzed proposals for clients: advised grantors on qualifications of potential grantees, researched legal implications, gave oral presentations, 1968-1973.



American Businesses in China: Balancing Culture and Communication (co-authored with Dr. Marilyn Matelski), McFarland and Co., Inc., in progress and to be published in 2001

"Dr. Strangelove: American Ambiguity and Weapons of Mass Destruction," the Cold War Film Seminar, the National Communication Association Convention, Chicago, November 1999

"Chinese Checkmate: Understanding the Chinese Media Response" to "December 19, 1998: The Scandal, The Speaker, Saddam . . . and the Fallout," juried paper at the National Communication Association Convention, Chicago, Illinois, November 1999

"Baiting the Dragon: The Lingering Cold War with China," juried paper at the Popular Culture Association Convention, San Diego, CA, April 1999

Messages from the Underground: Transnational Radio in Resistance and Solidarity (with Dr. Marilyn J. Matelski). Westport, Ct.: Praeger Publishers, 1997.

Street, Nancy Lynch and Marilyn J. Matelski. Europe is Free--Who Needs 'Free Europe?' Federalizing Surrogate Radio." In Hilliard's and Keith's Global Broadcasting Systems. Boston: Focal Press, 1996, 200-206.

"From the 'Goddess of Democracy' to Radio Free Asia," juried convention paper, the International Communication Association Annual Conference, Albuquerque, NM, 1995.

"Cross-Cultural Negotiation: Developing Cultural and Communication Infrastructure," juried convention paper, the 80th Speech Communication Association Conference, Commission on American Parliamentary Practice, New Orleans, LA, 1994.

"Europe is Free--Who Needs 'Free Europe?'" (with Dr. M.J. Matelski), convention paper, Vice President's Program, Eastern Communication Association, Washington, DC, 1994.

"Principled Negotiation: Negotiating with the Five Dragons" (with Dr. M. J. Matelski), convention paper, CAPP, Speech Communication Association, Miami, FL, 1993.

In Search of Red Buddha, New York: Peter Lang, 1992.

"Due to the Special Circumstances of China," in Bridgewater Review, October 1987.

"A Journey to the East--Linfen Revisited or A Descriptive Account of Everyday Life in a Chinese University," discussion paper, World Communication Association, 1987, Norwich, England


"Due to the Special Circumstances of China," discussion paper, World Communication Association, 1987, Norwich, England.

"The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution: The Rhetoric and the Reality," discussion paper, World Communication Association, 1987, Norwich, England.

"Reality into Fiction," in Bridgewater Review, March 1984.

Book Review of George Gilder's Wealth and Poverty. Review published in the October 1982 issue of the Bridgewater Review.

"Wealth and Poverty: Mythological Analysis of Reaganomics," solicited paper to the Massachusetts Communication Association, Curry College, Spring 1982.

"Cablecasting and Public Access in the Eighties," published by United Cable Television, Denver, CO, 1981, with Dr. M. J. Matelski.

"A Burkeian Analysis of the Documentary Harlan County USA," selected summer conference paper of the Speech Communication Association and the American Forensic Association, 1979, Alta, UT.

"The People, The President, The Press: A Triad in Search of Consciousness," with Dr. S. McCorkle, Indiana Speech Journal, 1978.

"Cable in Japan: A Rising Sun," with Dr. M. J. Matelski, Television Communication, December 1977.

"Rhetorical Criticism and Commitment: Implications for a Person-Centered Rhetoric of Protest and Assent," selected paper to the Western Speech Communication Association, 1977, Phoenix, AZ.

"Rocky: The Moral Imperative," discussion paper, Western Speech Communication Association, 1977, Phoenix, AZ.

"A Critical Analysis of the Process of Conflict in the Films: Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore and Scenes From a Marriage," with Dr. J. Frost, contributed paper to Western Communication Association, 1975, Seattle, WA.



Popular Culture Association

International Communication Association

National Communication Association




Greece and Turkey, 1999

Researched impact of religion and political ideology on contemporary events in both countries, as well as use of the media in governmental public information.

China, 1997

Taught and researched intercultural communication at Southeast University,

Nanjing, China during Spring sabbatical, 1997. Lectured at Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing Auditing Institute and San Jiang University in Nanjing. Developed relationships at the above and at Nanjing University.

Italy, 1996

Researched and interviewed at Vatican Radio for book Messages from the Underground . published in May 1997. Also visited potential sites for international education and distance education in Rome, Florence, Parma and Milan. Gathered data for suitable sites and interviewed directors of international education for interface with Moakley Center capabilities.

Germany and Eastern Europe, 1993

Researched and interviewed at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Munich-based transnational radio facilities. Follow-up research in Gdansk, Warsaw, Krakow and Berlin on impact of transnational radio on the democratization of the Eastern Bloc.

Austria and Eastern Europe-- Hungary and Poland, 1990

Researched and interviewed at film/television facilities for book on international communication.

Peoples Republic of China, 1990

Fulbright Grant to study language and culture in China--study and travel. Gathered data in Beijing on national educational system and television broadcasting facilities.

Republic of China and Republic of Korea, 1988

Fulbright Grant to study language, culture and economic development in Korea and Taiwan. Project paper: "Communicating in Confucian Based Societies."

China Year, 1985-1986, 1988

Traveled throughout the interior of China. Lived and worked with the administration, party hierarchy, teaching colleagues, students, workers and cadres at Shanxi Teacher's University. Generated field work in the study of the university society as a microcosm of the larger society. Researched Chinese rhetoric in the 20th century. Worked with Chinese colleagues on translations.


Mass Communication research in Norway. Emphasis on interplay between traditional cultural patterns and mass communication. Gender research--women in Norway, interviews and case studies.