Seven Habits of Highly Numerate People (And So Can You!)

Numeracy — skill and comfort with understanding numbers in context — can be embodied in two sets of habits:

  • Habits of mind, or attitudes (such as these suggested by, and
  • Habits of practice, or actions. This workshop sets out a list of seven actions we each can take to build our numeracy skills.

The Habits

Inspired by Stephen Covey's classic self-improvement manual, here are seven habits to help you on your way to better numeracy. Click on each for a brief explanation.

Common Places

Where can numeracy make a difference in your life? Almost anywhere: number skills are increasingly important in our personal, professional, and public lives.

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Personal Place

The decision of whether to buy or rent housing generates much water-cooler debate. In the end, however informed the decision is, it can be quite personal.

Professional Place

Business, industry, and education have become increasingly data-driven. As educators, how can we (fairly) make sense of an ever-expanding body of data on ourselves and our system?

Public Place

Chevy Chase's President Ford famously said in a mock presidential campaign: "It was my understanding that there would be no math in the debates." But data is democratic, especially in the information age. In an arena already prone to selective interpretation, are numbers informing — or misinforming?

Activity Channel

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