Data Analysis in the Disciplines

Thursday, November 21, 12:30–1:45pm in ECC 113 (Executive Dining Room)

Applied statistics and data analysis courses exist in many disciplines. At BSU, there is evidence that our students have particular difficulty succeeding in these courses. What do these courses have in common, and what are we doing to support students in them? Our faculty panel from across the discplines will share their course designs, content, and strategies for student success.

The Descriptions

The following are some of the applied statistics and data analysis courses receive designation in the BSU Core Curriculum as "addressing an application of quantitative skills." (For more information on this requirement, and a QuAC position paper on it, see this document.)

The Discussion

The descriptions for these courses make their commonalities evident. A main objective of this discussion is to facilitate the sharing of ideas regarding these courses across departments, beginning with:

Why do your majors need this course?
What prerequisites (both skills and courses) do students need for this course?
What are the course's biggest learning outcomes?
What is the course's content and performance tasks?
What have you found "works" for student success in the course?

Let's Change This

83%: The increased risk of a BSU student being unsuccessful in a Core-designated quantitative skills course in 2012-2013, compared to students in all other courses.

Confirmed panelists