Stellar Astrophysics
Physics 560
Bridgewater State College
Summer 2002

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  • Trigonometric Parallax
    • Distance to the Stars with ALL sorts of information, incuding missions that exist(ed) and are planned for better parallax measurements. (Thanks to Bob Gordon for this link!)
    • Where to order the General Catalogue of Trigonometric Parallaxes. You can also learn more about the research going on in photometry at Yale. (Thanks to Bob Gordon for these links!)
    • learn about FAME, a satellite that will have incredible accuracy. (Thanks to Steve Anderson for this link!)
    • Modern Developments in Parallax Measurement (thanks to Steve Anderson for this link!)
    • Hipparchos, adapted from an article in Sky and Telescope Magazine. (Thanks for David Boston for this link!)
    • DIVA! set for launch in 2004.... (Thanks to Dan Moriarity for letting me know about this mission!)
    • GAIA set for launch after 2010...
    • SIM set for launch in 2009. (Thanks to Steve Kilpatrick for letting me know about this mission!)