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MARC Train the Trainer Workshops for Faculty

What is this program?
This one-day workshop will provide Trainers with the (a) knowledge base and (b) training method, which they can then utilize to train their own colleagues back at their schools of employment.   The topics covered include Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention and Intervention, and the specific topics mandated by the new Bullying Law (MGL 92), for example, the contrast between bullying and conflict and recent research about cyberbullying.  All Trainers will be coached in the Training Method and given an opportunity to practice it.  These one-day workshops will be offered at a variety of locations around the State of Massachusetts.  Trainers will be Certified by MARC upon completion.
Will this program provide a method for training faculty and staff which will satisfy the new law’s requirement for professional development?
Yes, this workshop is intended to satisfy the professional development requirements for the new bullying prevention law.  Ultimately, it is up to each school and the DESE to determine if a school has adequately trained their faculty. As with any Train the Trainer program, however, Trainers must actually utilize the materials and train their colleagues – not merely attend the MARC workshop.
How many potential Trainers does each school need to send?
That is entirely up to every school’s discretion.  A school may send one Trainer, or more than one.  Trainers may be administrators, psychological personnel, counselors, school nurses, teachers, or any other professional faculty or staff member of a school.
Will attendees be Certified by MARC as Trainers?  What else is included?
MARC will Certify that Trainers attended the Workshop and were trained in the method and content.  In addition, MARC will certify hours towards PDPs, and will provide all training materials.  Lunch will also be provided.  At some workshops, coffee and a light breakfast may be provided as well.
How long does the Workshop take?  How long will it take for me to train my colleagues?
The workshop is a full-day workshop (9am to 2pm).  The training for your colleagues will take between 60 and 120 minutes, and can easily be split into two sessions, enabling schools to train their faculty during one or two faculty meetings.
Where and when will the Workshops be offered?

Information on locations, dates, and registration will be posted in the column to the right (scroll up). 

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MARC Train-The-Trainer 2011 Workshops in Bullying & Cyberbullying 



November 30, 2011 at Worcester State University click here to register!


These events run from 9-2 with a break for lunch.  The cost is $150.00 per participant.

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Other trainings & conferences in 2011-2012

February 10, 2012: 
"Empowering BYSTANDERS: From Witnesses to Allies"
with Stan Davis and Charisse Nixon.  At Bridgewater State University.

March 7, 2012: 
"Training Day for the MARC K-5 and High School Cyberskills Curriculum" at Bridgewater State University.  

Training in using the HS Curriculum in the morning & training on using the K-5 Curriculum in the afternoon.
Registrants will have the option of registering for a half-day or a full day.  Lunch will be provided.