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August Advising

HI 540 Topics in Early American History
MS 560-G1 Art, History, and Culture of the United States, 1780-1850
 HI 442 United States History:  The American Revolution














Office Hours and Calendar:

I am generally on campus Monday through Thursday and most Fridays from 10:00 to 3:00 and later.

I can be here both earlier and stay later by appointment.
I plan to be in my office in Tillinghast Hall from 10:00-11:00 Monday through Thursday.

Please check my availability on this calendar .

           MSCA members  may call me at home  (781-335-4325) between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.   If I'm not home, either leave your name and number (please!) or tell whoever answers that you'll leave a message on my office voice mail (508-531-2415).







History Department:   #237 Tillinghast Hall
MSCA Bridgewater Chapter :  91 Burrill Avenue

Email:  Jean Stonehouse or

Personal Phone and voice mail:  (508) 531- 2415

History Department Office:  (508) 531-1388

History Department Fax:  (508) 531-6167.   Please do not use this machine for confidential MSCA business.

MSCA Office Phone:  (508) 531-2271                                      

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HI 540 Topics in Early American History




The Library of Congress

The LOC Learning Page... especially for teachers

American Memory

Religion in the Formation of American

NARA National Archives and Records

Washington Papers
Jefferson Papers
Madison Papers
Winthrop Papers
Adams Papers

Project Gutenberg
Avalon Project

African American Odyssey

Massachusetts Bay Colony (from Simms Syllabus)
Archiving Early America – with ads

William and Mary Quarterly
Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography

The History Cooperative

National Museum of the American Indian

Sandpiper's Gallery
National Park Service -- Gran Quivera

Walpi Pueblo
Taos Pueblo Photo
Taos Pueblo Drawing
Taos Pueblo Church
Santa Fe Pueblo

Chetro Ketl Great Kiva

Massachusetts Seal
Increase Mather
Cotton Mather Home Page
Jill Lepore


How much is that?

University of Texas online maps
University of Georgia Rare Maps

History Matters
Do History -- Laurel Ulrich Thatcher's The Midwife's Tale

Franklin Portraits
John Neagle, Pat Lyon at the Forge

Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture
Society of Early Americanists SEA

Virtual Jamestown
Plimoth Plantation
Colonial House

 Nova:  17th century inventory analysis

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's Course, "Inventing New England"

New France:  Archives
New France:   Virtual Museum
Tracing the History of New France

Dr. Lois Green Carr's Index

Margaret Brent, Maryland

The Witchcraft Papers

Map:  King Philip's Mount Hope

Map:  Physical North America

Map:  England, France and Spain in North America

Map:  Forts and Settlements





















MS 560

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Parson Mason Weems





 HI 439--01 Ireland 1798-1922
 HI 439--01 Ireland 1798-1922

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wpe13.gif (902 bytes) R eference Documents
wpe13.gif (902 bytes) Links

wpe13.gif (902 bytes) Course Documents 
wpe13.gif (902 bytes) R eference Documents
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HI 439-01 Ireland, 1798-1922

Course Documents 

wpe13.gif (902 bytes)  Course Syllabus
wpe13.gif (902 bytes)  Final Exam Study Guide

Documents used in class

wpe13.gif (902 bytes) A Chronology of Selected Events in Irish History
wpe13.gif (902 bytes) Colm Tóibín.   "New Ways of Killing Your Father."
wpe13.gif (902 bytes) Group I
wpe13.gif (902 bytes) Group II
wpe13.gif (902 bytes) Group III
wpe13.gif (902 bytes) Group IV
wpe13.gif (902 bytes) Group V









Reference Documents











H-Net Reviews
Internet Modern History Sourcebook

American and   British History Resources on the Internet
Institute of Historical Research
The History Journals Guide
History Today
New Hibernia Review
History and Theory

National Geographic's MapMachine
Map of Ireland
Map of Irish Counties

Guide to Irish Pronunciation
Interactive Irish

Irish History on the Web  (maintained by Jackie Dana)
The National Archives of Ireland
The Cain Project (Irish History Chronology)
Irish Studies Home Page

IslandIreland (multiple links)
World Wide Web Virtual Library
John Stoner's World Wide Web Resources . . .
Nate's Page of Irish Interest

The Irish Times
Music -- Celtic Treasures
Music   -- Geoff Grainger's Irish Music
Music  -- Murphy's Juke Box
Turlough O'Carolan -- Harp

The Book of Kells

Excerpts from William Theobald Wolfe Tone, Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone

Songs of 1798

Thomas Moore
The Minstrel Boy
My Gentle Harp
The Harp that once through Tara's halls

The Irish Famine, 184 5-50
Stories of the Famine
Views of the Famine

Michael Collins' Web Page


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