Project 3: The big one

Part1) the beginning:

Last year we worked on some very active projects and the students were disappointed that many of the fixes they implemented were also implemented by others - often before our students could submit pull requests. So this year I've chosen projects that still have open issues (and have quite a few github stars) but which haven't been updated for several months. You might be working on forks, but at least no one is likely to sneak their fix in before you manage yours.

I've posted to each group's slack group (or will later tonight for the night class) a list of bugs and features for your project that your group will fix/implement over the next month and a half. Your assignment Due by Sunday at midnight is to post on the slack group general channel a one page paper (one per group) which divides up the list into three (or four for those few groups that have 4 students) and assigns each group member one of the three piles. Make sure they are about equal in workload. If one of the "piles of work" seems to be larger than other others (or smaller) make sure you explain why.

good reasons: "Seda spent the last year in an internship doing web UIs so she is really good at it and it won't take her long to do that part" or "we looked at the code when you told us to and see that this part is really terrible - so Stefanos is working on just that one feature because it will be a bear and require refactoring all the code around it"

Bad reasons: just about anything else - particularly "John has fewer classes than the rest of us so we gave the big pile to him"

Part 2) first pass scenarios and tests

This is assigned via blackboard. This should take at least 7-9 hours.

Part 3) Now go do it!!!

Someone from the group needs to fork the project on GitHub and add the other group members as collaborators - then in an easy to find location on slack put a link to the github project, then go do the work to solve your issues.
due at the end of April - exact date to be laid out in class.