Capstone Project 1.5


March 3rd at 11:59pm


I understand that some of you need more practice is programming. Our original project for the dean's office fell apart. Apparently the admissions office has a solution already. So we will work on this project instead. This will give you a small project to work on with tests and the opportunity to put together a small working program where you have to investigate the best approach and some of the tools you need to use on your own. (so your learning outcomes include 'lifetime learning' and "exploring design tradeoffs)


Hacker News is one of a few places on the web that is widely used by software and technical professionals to get curated technical news. However, one can quickly get lost in the rabbit hole since so much news shows up there. So you are going to write a command line program to query hacker news about a users chosen keywords, and filter only articles that have been posted in the last week, which have more than N points (for a value of N which is chosen by the user.) When an article meets these criteria, put up a toast like notification on the screen. Run the query at least every half hour


Write this program in either

include in your zipped submission at least two user stories and a tests file using junit/unittest which unit and functional tests which show your code to work and be error free.